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According to Forrester Research, more than three quarters of consumers now go online to pay bills, apply for loans and credit cards, research investments, or trade stocks and bonds — all fantastic opportunities for financial institutions to build revenue. But how do you avoid the pitfalls of complicated application processes and steer prospects and customers through the myriad of choices available to them? And how can you more effectively capitalize on the customers you already have? The LivePerson answer is to provide targeted, real-time engagement solutions that drive incremental business while delivering higher service levels at lower cost.

Key benefits

LivePerson delivers powerful capabilities and benefits for banking, insurance, trading and other financial services institutions:

  • Measurably increase total online application completions, accounts opened, and loan accounts funded
  • Build consumer confidence by assisting with complex product and service decisions
  • Up-sell and cross-sell loyal customers, increasing lifetime value.
  • Use best practices to target visitors with the highest potential to produce valuable business
  • Reduce service costs and increase agent productivity.
  • Foster long-term customer satisfaction
  • Prevent cancellations and product downgrades
  • Optimize your website with real-time monitoring and reporting that guides marketing strategies and tactics


Success Stories

Leading Credit Card Provider

US Retail Bank

LivePerson solutions for the financial services industry

LivePerson financial services industry solutions are ideal for:

  • Retail Banking — Hand-hold visitors through savings or checking account sign-up processes in real-time.
  • Financing and Mortgages — Dramatically increase funding rates by providing real-time answers and steering visitors to loan options that best meet their needs and credit histories.
  • Trading — Supply real-time answers to time-sensitive questions regarding new account information, depositing funds, and online trades. Target clients with highest potential business value.
  • Debt Relief — Help visitors use online tools to assess their economic situation and design savings programs, answer questions regarding debt settlement and consolidation, and guide bankruptcy consultation.
  • Insurance — Enhance engagement to increase customer lifetime value and loyalty.

LivePerson intelligent engagement solutions for the financial services industry help with new customer acquisition online, foster customer satisfaction and loyalty, and facilitate up-selling, cross-selling, and customer retention.

Creating productive customer connections. Right person. Right time. Right channel.

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