Increase website conversion rates, order values and customer satisfaction

As shoppers spend more and more time and money online, there’s vast opportunity to transform your website from a place to learn about your products into an increasingly compelling sales channel. Forrester Research predicts that online sales will increase by at least 10% annually through 2015, but also reports that almost 60% of Internet users are dissatisfied with their experience of shopping online and even more regularly abandon shopping carts.

LivePerson solutions help retailers take advantage of the upward trend while avoiding the pitfalls. By optimizing how you connect with your online customers with LivePerson, you can sell to more of your website visitors, raise the average value of the orders they place there, and keep them coming back to buy more from your site.

Key benefits

Raise sales while lowering cost

LivePerson delivers measurable increases in:

  • Conversion rates → 15-30% more buyers
  • Incremental orders → 10-15% more orders
  • Incremental revenue → 12-25% more dollars sold overall
  • Average order value → 35% more dollars per order
  • Customer confidence and satisfactionmore than 85% are happy with the service you provide, so you get more repeat buyers and fewer returns

At the same time LivePerson cuts wait times for website visitors who want to connect with one of your agents, it saves you money by:

  • Proactively deflecting high-cost phone and email contacts to the much more cost-effective chat channel
  • Increasing agent productivity as measured by chats and orders per hour worked

LivePerson solutions for retailers

Our intelligent engagement solutions help you replicate the in-store experience — by reaching out to visitors who demonstrate purchase intent or abandonment behavior, and guiding them through the checkout process. You also get valuable real time visitor information that can be used to improve content and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

LivePerson gives you the intelligence you need to target the right buyers and efficiently maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Creating productive customer connections. Right person. Right time. Right channel.

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