Boost online production of qualified leads

Perhaps more than in any other industry, high-tech providers rely upon the web as the main line of connection to their customers and prospects. Because IT and line-of-business managers prefer to conduct their initial research online and on their own, it is crucial that your website clearly communicate the unique value propositions that set you apart from competitors. But that is just the beginning.

In order to identify and convert visitors to qualified leads who will buy, or to satisfy your customers’ service requirements, you must anticipate their needs and match them efficiently to the most appropriate sales or service agents. LivePerson provides innovative ways to help differentiate your messages, optimize utilization of your agents, and maximize favorable results.

Key benefits

LivePerson intelligent engagement solutions provide advanced benefits to high-tech companies, giving you the tools you need to:

  • Identify high-value visitors on your site — Monitor search terms used to reach your site, paths traveled, and pages viewed so you can target the best candidates for live engagement.
  • Increase visitor conversions to qualified leads — Increase online customer acquisition by more than 20% using business rules that trigger proactive, immediate chat invitations to pre-qualified leads.
  • Quickly connect online visitors with the right sales people — Channel visitors based on understanding of their specific requirements, accelerating the sales process and instilling a higher degree of confidence in your company.
  • Reduce service costs and increase agent productivity — Shift service requests from telephone to highly cost-effective online channels to increase the number of agent interactions per labor-hour by more than 20 percent, significantly reducing the average cost per interaction.
  • Optimize your website with real-time monitoring and reporting — Glean valuable insights into online lead generation and customer acquisition initiatives using real-time reports on conversion rates, abandonment points, entry pages, navigation paths, rules effectiveness, and campaign performance.
  • Foster long-term loyalty and customer satisfaction — Provide immediate answers to product questions. Note that companies who use chat report customer loyalty and satisfaction rates higher than those from any other human-assisted channel.

LivePerson solutions for high-tech companies

LivePerson solutions for high-tech businesses enable hardware and software vendors to increase online lead generation and sales, and deliver superior customer support. Our intelligent engagement tools give you critical control of your most valuable marketing vehicle, your website. Monitor visitor behavior, identify high value visitors, guide them through specific web pages or demos, encourage them to disclose exactly what they are looking for, and then close by tailoring your responses to their needs.

LivePerson gives you the online intelligence you need to reach high-tech buyers and efficiently maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Creating productive customer connections. Right person. Right time. Right channel.

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