Increase conversions, reduce churn, and take advantage of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

These days, consumers are faced with a dazzling array of communications choices. As the lines between phone, cable, mobile and Internet increasingly blur, providers have had tremendous initial success bundling packages of services priced and promoted to attract consumer attention. The smartest providers know that consumers are just as likely to purchase high-speed Internet access from their local cable company as they are to get premium TV from a traditional phone-service carrier — and that as long as pricing is competitive, they will buy from the provider they trust to simplify the process and deliver the most reliable service with the least hassle.

Your company website is the frontline in the competitive battle for business and customer retention. It’s where consumers flock to check out your offerings and where your customers prefer to go when they require service. LivePerson can help you manage these customer visits to maximize online sales, reduce churn in your customer base, and turn every interaction with customers online into an opportunity to sell additional and higher level services.

Key benefits

LivePerson enables telecommunications, cable, and Internet providers to take control of their websites so that they can satisfy their customers and attract new ones:

  • Boost subscriptions. Monitor visitor actions to predict likelihood of purchase, and then proactively engage these visitors with chat or targeted content. Probe for their needs and interests, and answer their questions in real time, dramatically increasing online conversions.
  • Effectively on-board new customers. Providing assistance with account registration, online bill-pay, and other processes up-front reduces contacts needed later, improves collections, and increases customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Foster customer loyalty and minimize desertions. Proactive, timely and personal service engagements drive customer satisfaction rates greater than 80% and lower churn rates.
  • Reduce service costs while improving service. Shifting service requests from inbound telephone to highly-effective online channels increases agent interactions per labor hour by more than 20% and delivers a much higher first contact resolution rate.
  • Up-sell bundles. You can maximize value by targeting both visitors looking at comprehensive service bundles and existing customers who currently have only a single line of service.
  • Optimize your website. Real-time monitoring and reporting provide valuable insights so you can refine marketing initiatives and optimize subscription processes.

LivePerson intelligent engagement solutions for phone, cable, mobile and Internet providers put the customer first — driving higher customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention in today’s competitive environment.

Creating productive customer connections. Right person. Right time. Right channel.

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