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Travel & Hospitality icon The travel and hospitality industry has topped the list of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets since the earliest days of the web. Consumers and business travelers alike are hooked on the utter convenience and cost advantages of researching travel options and booking online. But the ease with which travelers can find the lowest possible fare or rate has forced commoditization of the industry and cut deeply into industry profits. On top of that, rising ticket prices resulting from escalating fuel costs and government-imposed fees have made travelers even more price-sensitive. When these price-conscious consumers encounter any problems in your system, they are often quick to jump to one of your competitors and then criticize you in online forums.

Fortunately, LivePerson intelligent engagement solutions can help you meet these challenges and successfully build your business even in this difficult climate. LivePerson solutions enable you to assist your customers with flight, hotel, and vacation package selections, provide timely support and service, and identify, target, and sell to customers most receptive to high-value offers. LivePerson’s travel clients have consistently achieved a 20% increase in online bookings, along with higher customer service ratings using LivePerson’s intelligent engagement solutions.

Key Benefits

LivePerson solutions for the travel and hospitality industries provide significant opportunities and advantages, including:

  • Increase online booking rates. Monitoring where your visitors comes from, how long they spend on a page, what they did on previous visits to your site, etc. provides the information you need to proactively engage the hottest leads.
  • Expedite the booking process. Adding a chat button on your submission form lets travelers book and confirm their trips immediately.
  • Save the reservation. Immediately offering an alternative itinerary to a visitor who wanted to travel over dates unavailable on the preferred airline or property can prevent abandonment.
  • Engage luxury customers. Reaching out to customers who pause on a luxury resort page and whose profiles indicate they frequent these destinations ups the likelihood of conversion.
  • Identify and target high-value visitors. Integrating the data gleaned by LivePerson with your CRM system helps you target, e.g., a customer who regularly books employee incentive and reward trips for large corporations with a customized air and hotel bundle.
  • Reduce costs. Shifting requests from the telephone to more cost-effective online channels allows your agents to complete more bookings and resolve more service issues in less time.
  • Foster long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction. Providing online personal assistance to the right customer at the right time drives acquisition, satisfaction, and retention in today’s competitive travel environment.
  • Tune your online marketing for success. Studying the detailed reporting provided by LivePerson on conversion rates, abandonment points, entry pages, and campaign performance helps you figure out how to refine your marketing initiatives.

Innovative LivePerson tools help you accurately identify and target the right buyers and efficiently maximise bookings, revenues, and customer satisfaction.

Creating productive customer connections. Right person. Right time. Right channel.

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