* This product is currently only available in the APAC market.

Introducing Engage*, a market leader for Cloud Contact Centre Solutions in Australia, with thousands of active seats deployed, enabling voice and multi-media interactions across the Asia Pacific Region.

Built upon best in class Genesys and Verint technology, Engage is a Cloud Based multi-tenant Contact Centre Platform.

The shift from traditional capital-intensive On-Premise solutions to the new pay as you go hosted solutions, often referred to as Cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) is accelerating.

We provide industry leading system availability and performance with services distributed across multiple fully redundant and physically diverse Data Centres.

Absolutely no traditional on-premise Contact Centre technology is required.

Engage clients only require secure and adequately sized data connectivity into our Cloud to receive full Contact Centre functionality to any Contact Centre agent, anywhere.

Your preferred network service partner can provision this voice enabled private data link, or we can take care of it for you. The same flexibility exists for access and carriage of voice services into the public telecommunication networks.

On-premise requirement is limited to standard desktop computers equipped with USB headsets. Should a physical telephone be desired, our solution will leverage any direct-dial phone extension or SIP enabled device as the voice endpoint.

The Engage Platform allows our clients total control over all core parameters required for managing a dynamic Contact Centre day to day. 

Capabilities include but are not limited to; call forwarding, open close times, public holidays, IVR messaging, queue music, agent skills & capacity rules. A wide range of business rules can be designed, enabling users to modify Contact Centre behaviour real-time via web-based Administration tools.

Feature rich API’s exist to extend functionality and customise Contact Centre behaviour for our clients’ unique requirements.  No two organisations are the same. Cloud solutions should try not to shoehorn each user into the same ‘box’. 

The lack of integration capability and flexibility has been a key limitation for many first generation Hosted Contact Centres.

The Engage solution provides an open standard Platform defined approach.

Our clients will very rarely hear, - “No, that can’t be done.” if ever.

The Engage solution utilises an agile methodology to deploy and enhance various Contact Centre modules, which enables a rapid return on investment by targeting area’s of greatest value and / or risk from the outset.

We engage regularly with our clients by means of a Partnership Panel, which drives a collaborative ‘roadmap style’ program of works and ensures we are aligned to your unique business objectives, leading to increased innovation and utilisation of the Platform.

Engage is now providing services to Contact Centres in Australia, Singapore, The Philippines, India, Japan and China, with customer interactions being handled from all corners of the globe.

The Engage platform enables the following integrated functionality with obvious benefits for our clients and their customers:


Starting with the Basics of a Contact Centre

  • Inbound Voice (ISDN, SIP, Skype)
  • Outbound Voice
  • Touchtone IVR Automation
  • WorkForce Management (WFM)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Call Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Contact Centre Statistical Reporting Suite
  • Multi-Channel Routing enabling
    • SMS routing
    • Chat routing
    • Email routing
    • Fax routing
    • Social Media routing

Along with the More Advanced Functions

  • Performance Dashboards with drill down functionality
  • Speech Recognition IVR Automation
  • Quality Management Assessment and Reporting
  • Closed Loop Workforce Optimisation
  • Multi-channel Interaction Analytics
  • Voice of the Customer Analytics
  • APIs for Integration to web, mobile and SMS


Engage solutions and benefits appeal equally to Customer Contact managers and CFOs. This is an Enterprise Class Platform delivered via a genuine Managed Services framework, enabling both greater functionality and greater flexibility — whilst at the same time, lowering total cost of ownership.

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