Conversational solutions for NGOs and government health organizations

Easily communicate with constituents on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp with our web-based Conversational Cloud platform.

Phone with NGO notifications

Messaging with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp expands your constituent reach

Keep your constituents informed with outbound messages and quickly answer questions on your constituents’ messaging channel of choice. On Facebook Messenger, you can directly engage in and manage both public posts and private messages in the Conversational Cloud platform for prompt and efficient responses. You can also engage international constituents with WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, to keep your audiences updated on breaking information with proactive outreach — and no foreign messaging fees.

Phone with Facebook Messenger conversation with a NGO

AI-powered chatbots make it easy to scale

The Conversational Cloud offers an intuitive web-based agent workspace, making it easy to handle multiple conversations at a time across messaging channels — all while working remotely.

Plus, you can build AI-powered chatbots to work together with your human experts. Whether you use our prebuilt bot templates that address common use cases and FAQs (including preconfigured intents and dialogue flows) or 3rd-party integrations like IBM Watson, we’ll trigger the right bot response for a seamless conversational experience.