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About the Agent Survey

Agent survey is great opportunity to discover meaningful, in-depth information about your conversations.

The Agent List

Explain how to use the agents list and how it help the agents manager to manage the shift.


Use the SURA methodology and be SURE to increase customer satisfaction!

Surveys: Know your visitors

How to use surveys to collect valuable information from your visitors.

Creating and Assigning Skills

What are skills and how to use them

About the Post-Chat Survey

What is, why and when to use

About the Pre-Chat Survey

Pre-chat survey is a great way to receive information from your visitors before the chat starts.

Be a Successful Chat Agent

Learn how to maximize LiveEngage capabilities to boost your performance as a chat agent.

Handling Chats in the Agent Workspace

The LiveEngage agent workspace is completely web-based, allowing you to conveniently handle chats while viewing visitor information...

View the Engagement History

Use Engagement History to view, search and sort chats and transcripts.