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Cyber Monday Results Are In: Shoppers Generate a Record One Million Digital Engagements

Last week saw a flurry of hype around the expected record numbers of shoppers going digital this year on Cyber Monday. Good news: the numbers are in, and consumers did not disappoint their favorite retailers. At figures north of $1.735 billion, some are calling it the biggest e-commerce spending day in US history. Not only did more consumers take to the internet and mobile devices to do their shopping, but here at LivePerson we also saw an important trend in behavior emerge as a growing number of consumers engaged with brands while shopping online.

Gone in 76 Seconds – The Window of Customer Loyalty

This week, LivePerson announced the results of its second annual “Connecting with Customers” research, a comprehensive look at the online trends and consumer behaviors that are shaping today’s digital exp

Seven-Step Action Plan for Winning the Holiday eCommerce Battle

As we discussed in our previous post, Top 3 eCommerce Trends of the Holiday Season, taking advantage of holiday eCommerce traffic is a must for a

Top 3 eCommerce Trends of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the single most important season for ecommerce professionals.

eCommerce Leader Pushes Boundaries with High-Touch Engagement

Here on the Connected Customer blog we talk a lot about the importance of providing your customers with truly excellent customer service through real-time human assistance, personalization and multi-channel strategies. It’s always exciting when we see online and offline retailers invest in new ways that push customer service boundaries even higher. For example, today we were really excited to see news about Amazon’s new feature in their latest Kindle Fire: the Mayday Button. Even more interesting is that it seems that more and more top digital brands like Amazon are looking to differentiate their brand through innovative, meaningful service, not just exceptional product. “Mayday” is actually being featured in headlines everywhere!

How Much Does One Second Cost?

Online consumers crave convenience. They appreciate quality and intuitive website design, a quick checkout process, helpful customer service, and above all else, speed and efficiency. While you might have  the coolest web graphics and sleek product demos on your site, if you’re homepage is slow to load, the checkout page is stalling, or there’s a long wait time for support—you’ve lost a potential customer.

It’s no surprise that website speed is the first step to delivering the prime shopping experience.

How to Close the Gap Between the In-Store and Online Customer Experience

Shopping isn’t necessarily just about the end product, nor is it solely focused on a single need; it’s about the entire customer journey. For some, this means strolling down the aisles of a favorite shop or boutique.

Four-Step Action Plan for Connecting With Customers

We all know why we shop online.  For one, the convenience just can’t be beat.  Why sit through traffic, deal with crowded parking lots, compete with fellow shoppers and wait in long lines when you can shop from the comfort of your o

The Ideal Online Experience: What it Takes for Consumers to Click, Not Abandon

The expansion of digital channels and an increasingly crowded online marketplace are changing consumer spending habits and online behavior.

Take the Chill Out of Your Holiday Code Freeze

It’s that time of year again, time for the holiday code freeze!



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