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Build -> Deploy -> Scale -> Win.
Our technology hub is where the action really is. We are building, crafting, shaping, engineering - a state of the art real time engagement system for some of the largest brands in the world.

We make software building fun and challenging again!

  • Web & mobile & everywhere
  • Real Time engagement
  • Deep Data Analytics
  • Real Time Predictive Decision
  • Innovative Text Mining


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Tech Inside Look


Good things come in small packages, and modern systems come in micro services. Over +100 micro services are powering the core logic of LiveEngage. We run simultaneously in 7 data centers worldwide with extreme focus on resiliency and up time.

Continuous Integration and Deployments

When it comes to streamline the software development and deployment - it goes crazy. We do dozens of pushes a day, always keeping the system stable and with minimum bugs. We automate test everything, keeping the quality bar high and user experience amazing. Some of the tools we use - Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Openstack and Logstash.



Over 4 Petabytes are flowing through our data platform pipes, using tools such as - Hadoop, Cassandra, Vertica, Couchbase, Spark and MR. We collect, store, learn & predict, aggregate, stream and visualize the data, and transform it into gold.


Our Sandwich Club is just one way that we share information about the latest technologies, trends and best practices with one another. We invite members from the larger Israeli tech community to attend these tech talks.

Employee Spotlight

Guy Glassman, Consumer Group

"While choosing the most suitable technologies for our product isn’t always an easy task, I find the most rewarding challenge is supporting backward capabilities without compromising the quality of the product and the experience of our users. "

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Read about LivePerson’s expansion into Asia Pacific, and the launch of 2 more data centers in Australia.


LivePerson has a strong connection with Israel, and has been operating our R&D Center here for the last 15 years. Read how a company founded by an American planted roots in Israel and continues to grow.


We’ve started a movement to put brands in the pockets of their consumers, so that they can connect anytime, anywhere, asynchronously through messaging, not voice.

Take back your time.

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The digital revolution is here, and consumers are not willing to spend extra time on hold with brands. LivePerson’s Chief Technology Officer, Eran Vanounou, talks to The People on how we’re changing the customer service experience.