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Our mission is to create lasting, meaningful connections between brands and consumers; connections that go beyond mere online interactions. That mission starts with our employees, and it inspires how we work with each other, our customers, and our communities.

In our Israel office, as well as in our 11 other locations, our core values of helping others and being an owner, guide us through every project we work on, every product we produce, and every customer we help.

Our Space

Our office is a dynamic space designed for innovation and collaboration. Open, flexible, comfortable environments support the LivePerson spirit of meaningful connections.


A Look Inside: Our Culture


Helping Others is a core value across all of LivePerson and our office in Israel takes this value seriously. LP Cares, our community program includes an annual volunteer day where LPer's work with children at risk, families in need and animal shelters. Other community activities also include donation drives and tutoring for children.


Whenever possible, we love to bring the entire extended LivePerson family together for fun events. Children are always welcome on campus, and are a regular part of the office tapestry. In-office events for children have included the week-long LP Summer Camp, Purim and Passover parties.

Employee Spotlight

Shai Mesisterano, Software Engineer

“The most special thing is the idea of creating meaningful connections in our day-to-day work and not only in the service we provide. At LivePerson, every space is a good place for making connections with a casual atmosphere, without a stringent hierarchy and there aren't special offices for the 'important' people...
Making a meaningful connections is above all and that's the essence of what we do.”

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