Embarking on your career at LivePerson is the start of an exciting and challenging personal journey.  As a member of the LivePerson team, you will have the freedom to pave your own path to success in a company that inspires and promotes innovation.  You will engage with the world's leading brands and build lifetime relationships with the other exceptionally talented professionals who work at LivePerson.


Beyond meaningful connections

At LivePerson, what inspires us to work together energetically, to provide outstanding service to our customers, and to get involved in our local communities is the mission we share — to create lasting, meaningful connections that go well beyond mere interactions. We believe that meaningful connections enable a deeper level of trust and appreciation among all of us at LivePerson, and empower us to execute quickly and achieve truly spectacular results. We also strive to ensure that our products help customers create meaningful connections with their own customers, creating lifetime value for their businesses, and for ours.

Encouraging innovation in real-time technology

LivePerson is the market leader in real-time customer engagement technology, and we maintain and build upon that position by continuously evolving our products and services and developing new solutions and applications that deliver the utmost value to our customers. 

We even have a dedicated, in-house Labs team devoted to transforming creative ideas — ideas that come from customers, from trends in the market, and from you and anyone else in the LivePerson community — into innovative products and services that help our customers accomplish their missions and stay ahead of their competitors.

Our distinctive culture shapes our success

Ask LivePerson employees what they love most about their jobs, and the answer you’ll most often hear is, “the people.” Our people share a set of core values that inspire them to collaborate for excellence and spur one another to success. 

Our unique culture is defined by these core values: Be an Owner, and Help Others. We embody Ownership by encouraging entrepreneurial ambition and the spirit of determination that has driven the successful growth of our company. By Helping Others, we recognize that we are an outstanding company because we work together and help each other succeed. We also believe that Helping Others in our local communities leads to sustainable and responsible success.

Thinking outside the cubicle

We’ve banished barriers and private offices in all our locations worldwide. We work in an open community, where you can wave over your teammate for a quick question, share a smile, or bounce an idea off the CEO — who also sits at a regular desk. 

Our emphasis on creating connections is reflected in our physical workspace.