5 Moments When a Live Person Saved the Day

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01/21/2015 - 10:01

Today’s consumers are pretty savvy and very self-sufficient when it comes to digital shopping. But we’ve all had those “uh oh” moments when we hit “check out” too soon, or couldn’t find an answer after scouring an FAQ. Call it a first-world problem, but during our digital shopping adventures, we’ve all had moments where we needed a live person.

Chat agents are on the frontline of customer service and have heard a little bit of everything, from run-of-the-mill support issues, to some pretty wacky requests. But often, for a customer in a crisis, a live person can save the day.

Read our top five cases where a digital helping hand resolved real-time life crises in 2014.

1. The time I almost ruined my marriage before it even started...

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Imagine ordering 500 candy wedding favors... but forgetting to add your wife’s name. Luckily, for one panicked groom and his would-be bride, a chat agent, Carol, came to the rescue and helped him correct his mistake to avert a wedding disaster: “Just relax. We'll get this order fixed so that you still get your candy in time.’”

Perhaps wedding planning should be left to the bride?

2. Quick banking resolution for a U.S. soldier abroad…

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U.S. soldiers are used to handling high-stake situations while deployed, but a bank account issue should not be one of them. So what do you do when you’re stationed in a remote war zone, and your ex withdraws money without authorization? Luckily, the solider's chat agent came to his aid.

Krista quickly researched his situation and confirmed his power of attorney. “I was able to confirm the identity of the individual making the withdrawals and had her access revoked in a matter of a couple minutes,” she reports. “I also contacted the local branch manager to alert him of the situation and placed an alert message on his account.”

3. Chat for all ages, makes it a dream vacation…

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After pinching pennies for years, an elderly couple excitedly began planning their dream vacation around Europe. Overwhelmed and in need of a helping hand, they turned to an expert chat agent who helped them create the perfect travel itinerary that met their respective budget and interests.

“When they left the chat, their anxiety had turned into excitement. Being able to help customers like this couple, helping them to complete their travel itinerary and turning worry into anticipation gives me great joy and is particularly meaningful to me.”

—Agnes Mazanek, Chat Agent, Contact Center, Rail Europe

4. From despair to hope: being heard and helped.

Not all domestic violence victims report their abuse and seek help. When a chat agent received an urgent request from a victim on her tablet hiding in the closet from her abusive partner, the agent applied speed, accuracy, and empathy to deliver an immediate safety plan.

"Speed was of essence,” Cassie notes. “She told us that she had only a few minutes before he would notice her absence and come looking for her."

—Cassie Drochelman, Peer Advocate Supervisor

5. Save a company’s network, prevent a cyber attack… All in a day’s work.


Photo Credit: nola.agent via Compfight cc

After repeated cyber threats from an anonymous live chat visitor, a chat agent quickly realized the visitor wasn’t bluffing. The chat agent reached hero status by thwarting a network catastrophe on his company’s network of 17,000 customers.

“To think that someone would approach a company our size and demand money—especially via live chat—was very funny. But then the team buckled down to prevent a potential attack…  I was gratified that we all worked together as a company to protect ourselves and our clients.”

—Daniel Saunders, Global Lead Consultant, PEER 1 Hosting

How does your chat save the day?

Whether you’re ailed by connectivity, location or time frame issues, a live person is always the best way to remedy any situation. Since chat agents are on the frontlines interacting with your consumers, brands must recognize that the opportunity for an agent to be a hero reflects enormously on your brand.

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