Chat Agent Heroes Recognized at LivePerson Aspire 2014

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Barry Lamm
Director, Partner Success
10/09/2014 - 09:48

Chat agents are like shopping superheroes. They have the potential to surprise, delight, and even protect brands’ most valuable assets: customers.

At this year’s Aspire event on October 8, LivePerson recognized 10 exceptional chat agents with its Meaningful Connection Awards. Winners were nominated by fellow colleagues based on their ability to demonstrate innovation, personality, conflict resolution, and more—all through chat.


LivePerson's Meaningful Connection Award Winners 

LivePerson's CEO and Founder Rob LoCascio (left) 
and the 2014 LivePerson Meaningful Connection Award Winners

We are honored to announce our chat heroes and offer a congratulations! The list of LivePerson’s 2014 Meaningful Connection Awards were... 

The Closer: James Hodge, Sales Agent, Discount Tire Direct

Jim Hodge, a sales agent from Discount Tire Direct, who repeatedly meets or exceeds sales targets and is always at the top of the sales leaders list, is recognized as our Agent Closer for the year. Jim always welcomes challenges and differentiates himself during peak sales months—March and October—for Discount Tire Direct. Check out Jim's Agent Connection Story for more details on how he delivers a great experience for customers.  

The Maestro: Aria Smalling, Senior Client Referral Agent, United Way 211 of Atlanta

Through its 211 channel, United Way of Greater Atlanta provides the local community with a vast array of services. Our Maestro Agent recipient, senior client referral agent Aria Smalling, connects meaningfully with constituents in need, even while chatting with four or five people at the same time. Check out Aria's Agent Connection Story and discover how she helped a suicidal mother in need get help.

The Champion: Alex Degnan, Gearhead, Backcountry

When Backcountry customers need expert advice, they turn to Gearheads like Alex Degnan. Because of his repeated work with customers to understand their personal passions and help them find products that help them achieve these passions, Alex is recognized as our Champion Agent award winner.

The Adventurer: Briana Gonzales, Super Agent, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

The career journey of a chat agent can be an adventure, and that is precisely what our Adventurer award winner, Briana Gonzales of Davinci Virtual, has done. She started off about three and a half years ago chatting as a member of the Green Team, and then graduated to Davinci’s Yellow and Red teams, eventually reaching the pinnacle of what the company calls Super Agent. Find out how Briana helped a customer who didn't speak English through the entire customer journey—from awareness to purchase—by reading or watching her Agent Connection Story.

The Data Sleuth: Cassie Drochelman, Peer Supervisor, loveisrespect, a Project National Domestic Violence Hotline

Data is useful only when it is used, and agent supervisors who employ data analytics take their teams to higher levels of performance. Cassie Drochelman, a peer supervisor at loveisrespect, a project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and our Data Sleuth winner, taps LivePerson data to coach and mentor her Peer Advocate team. This type of training helps promote healthy relationships and provide routes of intervention for domestic violence victims. Read how Cassie and one of her peer advocates helped a domestic violence victim chatting from her closet get help by reading or watching her Agent Connection Story.

The Coach: Billy Cripe, Relationship Manager, Customer Care Center, Extraco Banks

Billy Cripe, a relationship manager at Extraco Banks, has been involved in chat for more than five years and has played a critical role in building programs that help ensure that Extraco's in-banking brand experience is embodied through live chat. Our Coach award winner, Billy mentors, coaches, and challenges the chat agent team reporting to him to deliver unparalleled customer service. Check out Billy's Agent Connection Story to find out how he sniffed out an international fraudster. 

The Entrepreneur: Jennifer Sanger, Jill Stylist Agent, Jack Threads

The Jill Stylist Agent at Jack Threads, Jennifer Sanger, is an entrepreneur at heart and was recruited because of her entrepreneurial spirit and interest in building her own fashion business. The Jill Stylist Agent has become a centerpiece of Jack Threads' brand experience, with Jennifer—our  Entrepreneur award recipient—who collaborates with the larger agent team to shape the Jill persona.

The Advocate: Tracey Blake, Customer Service, RBS

RBS customer service agent Tracey Blake is much more than a customer service representative; she is a customer advocate. Our Advocate award recipient regularly works with customers to understand their needs, answer their questions, and find financial solutions that grow their portfolios.

The Pinkerton: Daniel Saunders, Business Consultant, Peer 1 Hosting

Peer 1 Hosting Business Consultant Daniel Saunders was recently promoted to agent supervisor. Our Pinkerton award recipient, Daniel is able to sleuth out new business opportunities through his engagement tactics as well as false chatters, including one who threatened a Denial of Service attack unless Peer 1 Hosting paid him thousands of dollars. To find out how Daniel helped thwart a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, watch or read his Agent Connection Story and Video.

The Smooth Operator: Dawn Gallagher, Sales Agent, EE

Dawn Gallagher, a sales agent from EE,  delivers outstanding customer service while pinpointing new revenue opportunities. Our Smooth Operator award winner, Dawn answers customer questions, solves their service issues, and builds trust, allowing her to guide customers to add new services and products.

Thanks to all Aspire attendees! If you missed this year’s event, we hope to see you at Aspire 2015.

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