How to Live a Meaningfully Connected Culture

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Kristy Sundjaja
Chief of Staff
03/10/2015 - 13:31

If you visit any one of LivePerson’s offices around the world or talk to any of our employees, one thing is loud and clear. Our mission is to create meaningful connectionsbetween our employees, our clients, and their customers. We have spent significant time and resources in fulfilling this mission internally which was elected by our employees in 2010. It is a rewarding journey, and along the way, we have created many connection stories with the people we worked with. We want to share our journey with you, one story at a time in our new series Living a Meaningfully Connected Culture.

What comes to mind when you think about an annual kick-off event for the sales and customer success teams? Lecture-style seating, PowerPoint presentations, motivational speakers, elevator pitch? Not at LivePerson. When we brought our client-facing field organization together for our annual kick-off in January, we wanted to make sure they had the tools to bring this unique piece of our culture to all of our customers. We integrated meaningful connection into each piece of the agenda, from the seating arrangement and the opening exercise, to drilling through technical content, to the parties at night.

The result is the ability to create a connection experience among employees from around the world and to empower them to deliver a consistent message after the kick-off. As a global organization, it is never an easy task to create and maintain such consistency across our offices and teams. Here is a story told by our Israeli and Australian employees by the campfire:

Our mission does not stop at home! We believe that meaningful connection matters, and that it is our commitment to deliver this mission to our clients and their customers through the way that we work together and our technology platform. We are most excited when we find clients who share our vision in building more meaningful connections around us. In this next story, Brian Dadoun, a sales account manager, shares how the LivePerson way truly made a difference to one of his customers.

These stories are a just a glimpse into the kinds of connections we make here at LivePerson, and they have started a movement within our community. We look forward to sharing more stories with you about how our mission of creating meaningful connections is integrated into our day-to-day lives and making an impact globally. Until we connect again!

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