Making Meaningful Connections at Aspire 2014

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Augusto Garcia
Head of Product Design and User Experience
12/04/2014 - 12:16

On October 8, hundreds of e-commerce, customer service and marketing professionals joined to discuss the next wave of digital engagement at this year’s Aspire conference at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Looking back on the event, our CEO said something in his welcome session that truly resonated with me.

“When you think about most conferences, it’s all about the people presenting ... but here it’s all about connection.”

             — Robert LoCascio, LivePerson Founder and CEO


Cross-industry connections continue back home

It certainly was an event all about making connections. We’ve heard from multiple LivePerson customers who met peers at the conference, and continued a conversation post-event. In the UK, for example, two customers—News UK and EE—have already connected in their respective offices back home to share additional best practices.

“Really unique venue, fantastic event, exactly what I expect from LivePerson. I’ve got to meet with some really interesting people with some really interesting stories to tell.”

      — Luke Duffell, Chat Manager, EE

This is exactly the point of Aspire—not to just to connect customers and prospects with the LivePerson team, but creating opportunities for attendees to open up about the challenges they face and talk about solutions together. That’s what makes Aspire such a unique, valuable, and powerful event.

Aspire 2014 was not your typical conference experience

After reviewing additional post-event survey results, it’s clear that the EE and News UK experience isn’t unique. Attendees agreed that Aspire 2014 created the perfect environment for building in-person, lasting relationships. People from various industries and locations met face-to-face in interactive sessions to crowd-source new business ideas and best practices.

“The way LivePerson has set up the event they definitely kind of steered the conversation to make sure people get involved. Everyone was fully on board. I never thought I’d be playing bongos at an event which I thought was awesome.”

                     — Matt Dyer, Head of Multi-Channel Solutions, Sabio                              


The group dynamic allowed for a free flow of creative collaboration. One attendee said, “The groups gathered had similar strengths and common goals. Open dialogue led to good conversations and a few solutions.

Another commented, “Hearing a true life experience and hearing it first-hand from the person really brought it to life and gave more impact than if the experience had all been delivered by video, etc.

Topics covered included digital disruption in financial services, the future of digital engagement for retail, tips to grow high-performing chat agents, and much more. Check out LivePerson’s video recap for an inside look at the event.

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