In Marketing, It’s All About Moments

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Jeffrey Rohrs
VP of Marketing Insights, Salesforce
02/05/2015 - 10:24

Every interaction with your customer is a marketing opportunity, and some engagements are more important than others. The modern marketer has to be ever present in critical moments of impact during the buyer’s journey.

My three-part series here on the Connected Customer Blog offers a few tips and insights on getting to know your audience, and growing that audience from first-time visitors to engaged brand advocates. This final post highlights the critical moments that matter along the nonlinear path to purchase.

The first step in engaging the right consumer, at the optimal time, with the right message, starts with knowing what those pivotal moments look like.

Defining moments that matter

With an explosion of channels and device, there is no universal customer journey. Customers are meeting brands on a variety of networks, and making buying decisions based on new criteria. Hence, the need for marketers to meet consumers at the right moment with a VIP, “red velvet” experience. In case you missed my first post in this series, the “red velvet” concept is the idea that—with the right technologies—marketers can engage at the individual level online to create a personalized, cohesive experience regardless of the channel.

The key, however, is providing the “red velvet” experience to the right customer when it’s needed most. It all comes down to moments that matter, because even when the traditional sales funnel is completely decimated, as consumers today have more than just one linear way to buy a product, there will still be moments from which a brand can capitalize.

As a brand, you must look at the full customer journey, as out of order as that might be, and define what actions are key to conversion. To do this, conduct an audit of the sales process from the customer’s point of view. Are there points of friction along the way? (Hint: look at common drop-off points on your website.) How can you better streamline the process? Are there steps to purchasing that can be improved or removed altogether?

Below are a few common high impact moments along the journey, but of course, these will be unique to each business:

  • The customer proceeding to checkout

  • The customer with a question

  • The first-time customer

So, once you’ve defined these key moments of delight, how do you know whether your attempt to provide a “red velvet” experience is working?

Measuring your impact

The first job of any marketer is to get the sale. If done right, strategic nurturing during moments that matter will accelerate community building. In turn, loyal brand communities will accelerate sales.

Engage --> Build Community --> Sell

So, when it comes to knowing whether you’re successfully reaching your audience, start with engagement metrics. While the size of your audience does matter, it doesn’t indicate the quality of those followers. How many people are actually engaged with your brand? Who interacts with your brand repeatedly? Focus on growing that number vs. just growing the size of your audience.

My guess is that you might have a million subscribers, but if those subscribers aren’t engaged, then you probably aren’t selling them anything. Why? Because you haven’t built real, meaningful relationships with your customers.

Engaged fans are an extension of your brand

Yes, an engaged audience member will lend to sales. But, another critical role, engaged customers often become brand fans.

Brand fans are critical in two common scenarios:

  • When your brand is under attack, brand fans rise up and defend your integrity.

  • When other customers have questions, they step up, offer an answer, and save your customer service representatives’ time and money.

And the game changerinvested customers often start valuable conversations that lead to product ideas and improvements. A valuable, highly relevant customer community can transform and drive not only a brand, but an industry.

Want to know more? Listen to my full conversation with LivePerson in the podcast below.

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