The Quest for Loyalty: The Customer Journey Jungle [EBOOK]

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Andrew Akman
Product Marketing Manager
10/14/2014 - 16:58

In today’s economy, products and services commoditize rapidly—and consumers have access to limitless purchase options with one click. For brands that wish to compete in the age of commoditization, customer loyalty is paramount.  

“Legends tell of a priceless treasure called customer loyalty … but the path to acquire it will test even the most formidable of companies.”

LivePerson’s latest ebook, The Quest for Customer Loyalty, aims to help brands foster more meaningful, and therefore more loyal customer relationships. In doing so, the ebook guides brands through today’s tangled customer journey, providing tips on how to conquer common pitfalls along the way. 

Along your customers’ path to loyalty, beware of the following four major pitfalls:

  1. The Customer Journey Jungle
  2. The Ledges of Low Engagement
  3. The Obelisk of Obscurity
  4. The Island of Insight Ignorance

Stay tuned for each in this series on the Connected Customer blog. 

The customer journey: it’s a jungle out there. 

The first pitfall brands must conquer: The Customer Journey Jungle.

In this tangled forest of choices and channels, even those top customers who wish to buy your product may be lost forever if your brand doesn’t engage. Why? Because today’s customer journey is more complicated than ever before. 

  • It’s omnichannel. The average shopper moves through the buying journey from a variety of devices and networks (i.e. social media, messaging apps, forums, and owned content). Bottom line: the customer journey is no longer linear, and your brand has to intelligently connect with customers in an omnichannel world.
  • Competitors are lurking. In the customer journey jungle, competing brands are like lions in wait. If your customer gets lost in channel clutter, they’ll move on to a more attentive option.
  • Customers expect a 1:1 relationship. Your customer’s journey is happening in real time, and your customers have higher expectations than ever before. Top brands like Amazon have set a new standard for customer experience—one that’s personal, immediate, and efficient.

At some point along their journey, customers need your brand’s guidance. LivePerson enables brands to map the customer journey, optimize across channels to proactively meet customers when they need you most, and power those engagements with context for a more helpful overall experience—all in the name of continued loyalty.

How Discount Tire Direct navigates the customer journey

At Discount Tire Direct, customers “don't all take the same route,” said sales manager, Jay Reed. Using digital engagement and predictive targeting, the company optimized the journey based on customer behavior.

“The self-learning algorithms in Predictive Targeting help us to engage with customers at moments when they need help,” said Reed.

The tire company has identified two common scenarios for engagement:

  1. When customers are ready to order.
  2. When customers need more information to place to an order.

In either case, the sales team sends a chat invitation to accelerate an order, or simply build trust for a future sales opportunity.

After deploying live chat, conversion rates increased by 18 percent, and average order value increased by 25 percent. Thanks to intelligent engagement, Discount Tire Direct has been able to untangle the customer journey, and help customers navigate a clear path to purchase.


Are you ready to embark on the quest for customer loyalty? Download LivePerson’s ebook and conquer the customer journey jungle.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series, where we’ll talk about how to overcome the next pitfall to customer loyalty: The Ledges of Low Engagement.

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