The Quest for Loyalty: The Island of Insight Ignorance [EBOOK]

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Andrew Akman
Product Marketing Manager
11/04/2014 - 13:11

Data, data everywhere—so much of your customer experience may sink. The final pitfall along brands’ quest to customer loyalty is data overload.

So far, this latest series on the Connected Customer blog has walked readers through the four most common pitfalls along your customer’s path to true brand loyalty, including:

  1. The Customer Journey Jungle
  2. The Ledges of Low Engagement
  3. The Obelisk of Obscurity
  4. The Island of Insight Ignorance

This final pitfall is one that can trap even the best-intentioned brands.

Paralyzed by information overload

Have you ever been shopping online, and a recommendation popped up that was just perfect for you? Or have you received a reminder that the sale on the items in your cart is about to expire? Then, when you logged in, you found your personal and payment information saved, making the checkout process quick and easy?

Many customers are willing to give brands access to their personal information—but only in return for this type of personalized, convenient experience.

The digital experience has exploded amounts of data available to brands. Yet, only the brand able to extract actionable insights, both on the individual level and at mass scale, will come out with a customer experience that outranks the competition.

Drowning in a sea of data overload? You’re not alone. Those brands stranded on the Island of Insight Ignorance put their businesses at risk of the following:

  • Irrelevant customer experiences that feel impersonal.
  • Missed opportunities to implement quick digital fixes that could save your brand valuable resources (plus enable a more positive customer experience).
  • Lower customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings.

How an IMS provider uses chat to improve the customer experience

Founded in 2002, GenoLogics is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) provider, which offers specialized, cloud-based software for proteomics and genomics laboratories. The company targets two personas—scientists and xyz, and offers highly technical solutions. To help its prospects get quick answers to technical questions, the company deployed LivePerson’s digital engagement solution, LiveEngage, with proactive chat and rules-based targeting.

By nature, GenoLogics regularly works with data. It was no different with chat. In fact, the ability to have insight into who’s on the company’s digital properties was a must-have.  

“I am a very data-driven marketer, and really want to make the most of the information we are generating,” explains Aubree Hoover, senior manager of product management and marketing at GenoLogics. LiveEngage enrichment analytics meet Hoover’s needs, reporting on visitor behavior, lead generation, and other metrics.

Not only did the company want to be armed with customer information pre-chat, but it also uses insights from chats happening online to refine processes and improve the overall customer experience.

“… Understanding the customer feedback contained in those conversations will help me in my other role—product management,” Hoover adds. “It will help us bring better products to market.”

The results? Within just three months, GenoLogics experienced the following:

  • Increased sales: Chat assists account for 7 percent of closed deals, and 5 percent of total sales revenue.
  • Growing pipeline: Five percent of GenoLogics’ current pipeline revenue was assisted by live chat.
  • Shorter sales cycle: For those chat-assisted leads, the company notes a four-week reduction on sales cycle.

Read more about GenoLogics in LivePerson’s Customer Success Story.

Conquer the quest to customer loyalty

Ready to embark along the quest to true customer loyalty for your brand?

Check out our most recent webinar, with Kurt Gehring, Head of eCommerce Operations at Newark element14, and Alon Waks, Head of Product Marketing at LivePerson. The two discuss how through meaningful connections and intelligent engagements, your brand can successfully navigate the four pitfalls along the path to customer loyalty.

The webinar is available on-demand for your convenience. Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments below.

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