The Quest for Loyalty: The Obelisk of Obscurity [EBOOK]

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Andrew Akman
Product Marketing Manager
10/27/2014 - 13:51

Brands in search of customer loyalty often want to start with VIP customers. Yet unfortunately, high impact customers are often left alone to wander your site, and drop off to a competitor. This brings us to the third pitfall along the quest to customer loyalty.

  1. The Customer Journey Jungle
  2. The Ledges of Low Engagement
  3. The Obelisk of Obscurity
  4. The Island of Insight Ignorance

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Identify and engage your top customers.

Loyal customers are a treasure—worthy of your brand’s best engagement efforts. These customers have the most potential to impact brand ROI, as well as brand reputation. In the jungle that is today’s customer journey, brands must remain alert for a few high impact customer scenarios, or when certain customers should take priority.   

In the words of my colleague, Alon Waks, these customers have the highest intent to purchase, are the most valuable and provide the most impact to your bottom line.” 

However, most brands can’t tell a VIP customer from the crowd; it’s a common challenge for modern marketers and e-commerce pros. How can you spot high impact visitors on your site? Below are a few of the most common scenarios to watch out for.

  • The shopper with high cart value. Your platinum customer is a big spender, but might abandon if left out on a ledge with no engagement.
  • The repeat customer. This shopper already identifies with your brand. Show appreciation, and nurture the relationship.
  • The shopper with potential to become a brand advocate. This might be a third party with a big following, and big influence in the industry. 

Top customers know their worth, and in the age of the customer, expectations are higher than ever. Prioritize these engagements, and look for ways to create a VIP customer experience, one that’s not easily forgotten. 

If you don’t, your highest impact customers might fade away into the obelisk of obscurity, never to be recovered from the customer journey jungle. Download LivePerson’s ebook for details on how to overcome this pitfall.

How Nine West keeps VIPs happy

Nine West, a global designer and marketer of branded footwear, accessories, and jewelry, looked to digital engagement to boost e-commerce sales, and create that luxury, high touch feel online.

After launching live chat through LiveEngage, Nine West saw a 10 percent increase in the average order value for visitors using chat. What’s more, LiveEngage enabled Nine West to set up eight targeting rules. These rules pinpoint VIP customer onsite and deploy proactive chat invitations. Plus, a seamless integration with Demandware allows for additional information, like product name, price and user information, to be factored into the rules.

According to Sandie Ryan, the director of Customer Service at Nine West Group, “This enables us to target our high-value customers with great precision.”


Are you ready to embark on the quest for customer loyalty? Download LivePerson’s ebook and conquer the customer journey jungle.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series, where we’ll talk about how to overcome the final pitfall to customer loyalty: The Island of Insight Ignorance.


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