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Admit It: You Shopped Online This Holiday Weekend

Our consumer survey from Black Friday 2016 shows that 6.5% shopped at the Thanksgiving table.

The Thanksgiving holiday was the most interactive shopping weekend in history, with more and more people turning to the conveniences of mobile purchasing.

’Tis the Season — for Messaging! Our Top 3 Takeaways from Cyber Week

Cyber Monday sales broke records this year, rising 16% from 2014 to clock out around $3 billion.

Yes, billion. With a “B.”

Prepare for the Most Connected Holiday Ever

There are many types of holiday enthusiasts. Like those who are already blaring “White Christmas” on October 1 and basking in the joy of early coupons.

The 12 Days of Customer Connection

Give your customers what they really want this holiday season

Last year, holiday shoppers spent $46.5 billion online, according to comScore. This year, it’s forecasted that holiday spending will hit $616.9 billion in total, said Marketing Land. See LivePerson’s infographic at the end of this post for more holiday spending trends.

Numbers tell a story, and it’s clear that the holiday season is the single-most important time of the year for big and small retailers alike. Many have already set holiday marketing plans in motion, but this year, it’s going to take more than shiny new collateral to break through the noise.

It Ought to Begin by Being Personal

As the air turned colder and fall settled in at the LivePerson headquarters here in New York City, I found myself turning to a movie that makes me appreciate this season like nothing else: a classic and personal favorite, You’ve Got Mail.

The movie tells the story of two competing New York business owners who, unknowingly, develop a relationship online. The big business owner, Joe Fox (played by Tom Hanks) puts the small bookstore owner, Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) out of business, unaware she is the same woman he is emailing and, subsequently, falling in love with. Once Joe learns her true identity, he grows concerned Kathleen will hate him should she discover who he is. In an attempt to win her favor, he explains his business decisions:  

Fashion Pros Restyle Digital Ecommerce

The fashion industry not only dictates trends in retail and pop culture, it has also emerged as a hotbed for tech innovation. We’re seeing more startups, apps, and gadgets that are dedicated to merging the worlds of “geek” and “chic”  creating exciting new possibilities for all to enjoy.  I’d agree with Huffington Post in that, “the line between technology and fashion is starting to blur.”

Get engaged this Valentine’s Day

Maybe money can’t buy you love, but it sure doesn’t stop us from trying!  Last year, it was estimated that the total spending for Valentine’s Day was $18.6 billion (

What Do Shoppers Want From Their Favorite Retailers? [VIDEO]

Today’s consumer is savvier and more demanding than ever. They use multiple channels throughout their buying journey, whether in-store or digital , to research, compare products, engage a brand, and make a purchase.


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