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Andrew Akman


Product Marketing Manager

New York, NY

Andrew Akman is a product marketing manager based in New York City. His focus is on understanding today's digitally connected businesses and delivering new ways to grow the relationships they have with their customers.

He has worked with Grammy Award-winning musicians, consumer brands, and leading technology companies to help conceptualize and execute brand transformations and digital strategies. Most recently, he served as team lead on LivePerson's SMB account management team, where he worked with many of our clients to develop winning engagement strategies.

In his free time, Andrew likes to snowboard, dig through crates of vinyl records, and find any excuse to play an unguarded piano.

Become the Kind of Brand a Consumer Could Fall For

We’ve all been on a bad date. Or, well, several. You know what I’m talking about — either it’s a one-sided conversation, and s/he isn’t really listening, or the awkward silences are overwhelming.

AMA + LivePerson Webinar: The Business Value of Personal Connections

Today’s consumer is turning to digital firstit’s how they prefer to research, shop, bank, and be engaged. The benefit is companies can also use digital to better tie consumer activity to brand performance across all channels.

If you’re looking to prove the return of your digital engagement strategy, we have some insight and actionable tips.

The American Marketing Association will host the live webinar, Return on Engagement: Understanding the Business Value of Personal Connections, sponsored by LivePerson, on Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 12 p.m. CST. Join me and Christian Bailey, director of strategy for Anvil Media, as we zero in on the bottom-line impact of an intelligent digital engagement strategy.

The Quest for Loyalty: The Island of Insight Ignorance [EBOOK]

Data, data everywhere—so much of your customer experience may sink. The final pitfall along brands’ quest to customer loyalty is data overload.

The Quest for Loyalty: The Obelisk of Obscurity [EBOOK]

Brands in search of customer loyalty often want to start with VIP customers. Yet unfortunately, high impact customers are often left alone to wander your site, and drop off to a competitor.

The Quest for Loyalty: The Ledges of Low Engagement [EBOOK]

The buzz these days seems to be centered around findings from The Gartner Group

The Quest for Loyalty: The Customer Journey Jungle [EBOOK]

In today’s economy, products and services commoditize rapidly—and consumers have access to limitless purchase options with one click. For brands that wish to compete in the age of commoditization, customer loyalty is paramount.