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Personalized Messages
Reach More Customers

One-on-one chat. Targeted messages.
Don't underestimate the power of connection...

Better engagement = happier customers

Chat is great . It's even better when paired with personalized content at every step of the customer journey…which boosts sales and increases your bottom line.
" This year we had our first ever Live Chat Millionaire, a chat agent who was the first to personally achieve £1 million in sales via chat on our website, which was achieved in record time, 20% less time than a typical telephone agent." Read More…
— John Giddings, General Manager, Virgin Atlantic Contact Centres, UK and US

Make it personal

Customize your web strategy to enhance visitors' experiences based on their purchase history,
personal devices, specific locations, and actual intent.

"LivePerson has given us the ability to connect in a more personal, relevant and meaningful way with our visitors and make sure they are getting the most out of their online shopping experience. Live chat provides the rare opportunity to offer shopping advice and recommendations in real‐time, which has enabled us to achieve an increase in sales and also average order values."Read more...
‐ Eve Henrikson, Head of eCommerce, Ted Baker.

Real results in real-time

Finally, check in whenever you want to track your customers and see exactly how your engagements are affecting their behaviors. You can even fine-tune content as needed to improve their experiences (as well as your results).

"We live and die by data, and that's one thing that we like about using Live Person is that you don't edit the data, you provide it to us in full. We get everything from conversion rate information to transcripts of every live chat." Read more...
‐ Emily Emmer, Optimization Marketing Manager, Extra Space Storage

In other words…

From financial services to the healthcare industry, from mom-and-pop shops to the world's leading brands, anyone can use LivePerson to help customers, convert site visitors, and bolster sales. But hey — don't take our word for it! Just ask around.

"We saw immense value in digital engagement; customers had the ability to both purchase a product and get the right information without leaving the digital channel."
Norm Happ,
VP of Sales, Small Business
Financial Solutions,
Intuit, Inc.
"Our members are tech savvy, and our sales are only live for a certain period. We needed a way to quickly communicate with customers in real time."
Kaitlyn Johns,
Sr. Manager, Global Process Development,
"We knew that the ultimate evolution would be to have chat as not just the primary channel but as the most significant channel."
Kirsty Traill,
Chief Customer Advocate,
Snapfish by HP

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