LivePerson powers the at-home workforce with Conversational AI and messaging

Our cloud-based platform keeps sales and care operations running remotely while expanding your capacity with AI-powered messaging.

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Engage your consumers where they already are

Our customers embrace conversational commerce on a variety of digital messaging channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp along with messaging on your brand's website or mobile app. Learn more 

Conversational commerce channels Conversational commerce channels
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AI-powered chatbots make
it easy to scale

Nearly 70% of consumer inquiries can be automated, making it easy to scale — without having to hire an army of agents. LivePerson has a complete solution to build, manage and optimize chatbots for your business. Learn more 

AI-powered chatbots

LiveEngage is your command center for conversational commerce

Message with consumers on the most popular digital channels — all from a single place. LiveEngage makes it easy to route, monitor, measure and manage millions of conversations. Learn more 

LiveEngage command center LiveEngage command center

Sales & Marketing

Customer Care

Interactions drive transactions

The web was designed for content-sharing but not for commerce. 90% of consumers start research and shopping online, but less than 15% of sales happen online. Consumers need to ask questions, get advice, and understand options before they make purchases. Conversational commerce makes this possible without having to visit a store or place a call. And the results have been incredible.

increase in conversions

Increase in conversions

Increase in average order value

Increase in average order value

Sales & Marketing

Customer Care

Capitalize on every customer care conversation

The majority of our day-to-day conversations happen in messaging channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger — it's how we prefer to communicate with friends and family. So it's not a surprise 8 out of 10 consumers choose messaging over voice to get support or service after they buy something.

Decrease in customer case costs

Decrease in customer care costs

Peak in customer satisfaction

Peak in customer satisfaction