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When your visitors show up,
you’ll be there for them

With live chat, personalized offers, and a friendly helping hand

Live chat gets personal

Connect with your website visitors during high-stakes situations. Whether they’re searching for specific items or hesitating at checkout, you can chat with them to ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for – as if you are right in front of them.

Intelligent targeting
Focus your agents on site visitors who are more likely to buy.


Multiple ways to engage
Invite visitors to engage with you in many different ways that support their needs and your brand. 

Results oriented
Measure customer satisfaction and conversion metrics in real-time.


Fully web-based
Access our tools from any computer – no downloads or set up necessary.

Nudge visitors along their journey with personalized content

If visitors have added certain items to their cart or are ready to leave, you can serve personalized offers to specific groups based on behavior… automatically. You’ll upsell, cross-sell, and rescue sales by showing your customers offers made just for them.

Create and optimize your campaigns on the fly

Our Design Studio makes creating campaigns simple. When they’re ready, just hit “Publish”. No coding needed. Once live, you’ll get real time data on their performance and can update them anytime – dramatically improving sales and agent productivity.

Big rewards. Zero risks

It’s simple to get started with LivePerson. With our 15-day money-back guarantee it’s also 100% risk-free. So…why not?

The word's out

Join these brands and start enjoying the revenue growth and customer loyalty that come with making more meaningful connections with your site visitors.

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We knew that the ultimate evolution would be to have chat as not just the primary channel but as the most significant channel. 

— Kirsty Traill, Chief Customer Advocate, Snapfish by HP

We are a conservative bank, and the security standards built into the LiveEngage platform are very important to us.

— Lindsay Green, Managing Director and SVP, Extraco Consulting

Optimizing how we identify and proactively engage high-value customers has the potential to create compelling economies of scale while delivering higher customer satisfaction.

— Norm Happ, VP of Sales, Small Business Financial Solutions, Intuit, Inc.

Live chat gives us the ability to humanize this online interaction while creating the capability to respond in real time.

— Chad Caudill, Director, Customer Service and Warehouse Operations, Moosejaw

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