Creating Our Culture

In 2010, our employees came together for three days to connect on a more meaningful level, define who we are as a company and talk about what inspires us to come to work every day. It was remarkable that although we identified many important values, two core values really resonated with the entire community — Be an Owner and Help Others.

We also articulated our common mission, which is to Create Meaningful Connections in the world. 



Our Core Values

Be an Owner

Though our start-up days are behind us, we all still feel that ownership is a powerful attribute. Entrepreneurial ambition and a spirit of determination are common to many LivePerson employees, and we strongly encourage this in each and every hire.

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Help Others

Our core value of ‘helping others’ is a reminder to ourselves that we can only become an outstanding company by working together and helping each other succeed. By helping each other, we enhance the possibility of creating a better community.

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Our Workspace

In the spirit of ownership, we set on a mission to author our own environment, and create a workplace that was authentic to our culture and our values. By collaborating with thought leaders and local architects we’ve created offices that truly reflect LivePerson. 

We’ve banished physical barriers and private offices in all of our global locations. We sit in an open community, where you can wave over your teammate for a quick question, share a laugh, or bounce an idea off the CEO…who sits among all of us.

Rob LoCascio, CEO and Founder of LivePerson, Caleb Mulvena, Architect and Founder of Mapos, and Peter Block, thought leader and author of Community discuss the philosophy and process behind creating the LivePerson workspace.

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Volunteers from each functional team gathered weekly with the Mapos architects for a community-based approach to designing the LivePerson headquarters office.

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