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Connected customers are customers that love your brand. They buy from you again and again; they spend more on your website; and they serve as brand advocates within their networks. The connected customer is eager to engage across multiple channels and devices. In the online marketplace, the connected customer provides the straightest path to success, paying dividends across the entire customer lifecycle.

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016

We talk a lot over here about creating meaningful connections. We can’t help it! It’s at the core of everything we do, and everything we build is meant to serve that mission.

Today, we’re kicking off a series called Tech Talk to showcase the innovative technological minds behind LivePerson.

Monday, Feb 1, 2016

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s 2016 and brands still don’t get it. The fact that consumers are forced to call a 1-800 number and wait on hold in an age of instant digital connection is downright unbelievable. People on team LivePerson are especially perplexed, mainly because we’ve built the business of helping brands better connect with their customers — and we live it every day. Making customer service as convenient as possible and fostering actual relationships between brands and consumers is our job.

Thursday, Jan 28, 2016

There are some adult to-dos we all dread. Like finding out why the cable bill mysteriously increased, changing a flight, dealing with taxes...the list goes on. And on. Hence the term “adulting” was born.

But what do all these “adulting” activities have in common? We still have to call a 1-800 number to handle them!

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016

We’re proud of our work space at LivePerson and always thrilled to see it featured on “cool office” lists. But our offices are more than cool for cool’s sake. Every detail is thought through by a volunteer group of employees to ensure the spaces aren’t just fun to look at but support our culture of meaningful connections, too.

Friday, Jan 22, 2016

It’s 2016, and folks are finally getting over an old habit — voice — and talking about a trend that LivePerson has built a business around for the past 20 years: messaging.

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016

We love celebrating our most-loyal LivePersons. And we recently did just that in honor of Michal Guterman, LivePerson office ambassador, after she achieved a major milestone clocking in 10 years at the company. To say “thank you” for her commitment, we sent her on a trip to destination of her choice — New York City!

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