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Connected customers are customers that love your brand. They buy from you again and again; they spend more on your website; and they serve as brand advocates within their networks. The connected customer is eager to engage across multiple channels and devices. In the online marketplace, the connected customer provides the straightest path to success, paying dividends across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014

What’s your company’s top priority? According to your customers, delivering a quality customer experience should top the list. In Forrester’s 2013 report, “Understand Communication Channel Needs to Craft Your Customer Service Strategy,” a staggering 71 percent of customers report that valuing their time should be a company’s number one priority. By instantaneously meeting consumers where and how they want to engage, proactive chat reduces the wait time for a customer service representative, compared to calling a brand’s 800 number.

Driven by a commitment to delivering highly personalized digital engagements to each customer, LivePerson’s sophisticated data and intelligence platform, provides superior service to consumers throughout their online and mobile journey, whether in the form of proactive chat or targeted content. It’s time for companies to meet their consumers on this powerful communication channel. Forrester recently published “The Six Key Elements of Proactive Chat,” a comprehensive report by Kate Leggett that discusses how proactive engagements can differentiate the customer experience, next-generation strategies for proactive engagement, and a six-step process for deploying an effective proactive chat program.


Thursday, Dec 11, 2014

Are you a digital first? And where do brands fit among the savvy, connected audience?

Meet the “digital-first” consumer—a quickly growing audience whose instinct is always digital, first, whether it’s to explore a product, contact a brand, complain, connect with friends, watch entertainment or seek romance—the list is virtually endless. For many consumers, digital is the main and only channel used for everyday activities, replacing voice and in-person interactions.

The digital first are a challenging breed. While they expect 24/7 access to brands when they need information or help, they don’t necessarily want the same to be true when it comes to brands contacting the


Monday, Dec 8, 2014

The digital age is all about the customer. As paradoxical as it may seem, the latest in digital tech enables brands to insert a human, personal connection back into business. The same way our favorite barista knows our daily coffee order, so too can brands engage with customers in a humanized, meaningful way.

If brands don’t step up and embrace consumer expectations, customers now have the platform and reach to let their concerns be heard.


Thursday, Dec 4, 2014

On October 8, hundreds of e-commerce, customer service and marketing professionals joined to discuss the next wave of digital engagement at this year’s Aspire conference at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Looking back on the event, our CEO said something in his welcome session that truly resonated with me.

“When you think about most conferences, it’s all about the people presenting ... but here it’s all about connection.”

   — Robert LoCascio, LivePerson Founder and CEO



Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014

Today’s always connected digital experience enables consumers to search online for anything, at anytime, and access millions of results—then instantly make a transaction. This is where the brand challenges (as well as the opportunities) begin.

Being part of the digital ecosystem requires businesses to play by a variety of customer-driven rules of engagement. One of the most important rules of engagement is hiring and growing a team of talented chat agents. These employees are charged with personally nurturing customer relationships and providing a best-in-class customer experience. The benefits of an all-star agent team truly impact bottom-line business results.   


Give your customers what they really want this holiday season

Thursday, Nov 13, 2014

Last year, holiday shoppers spent $46.5 billion online, according to comScore. This year, it’s forecasted that holiday spending will hit $616.9 billion in total, said Marketing Land. See LivePerson’s infographic at the end of this post for more holiday spending trends.

Numbers tell a story, and it’s clear that the holiday season is the single-most important time of the year for big and small retailers alike. Many have already set holiday marketing plans in motion, but this year, it’s going to take more than shiny new collateral to break through the noise.

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