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Connected customers are customers that love your brand. They buy from you again and again; they spend more on your website; and they serve as brand advocates within their networks. The connected customer is eager to engage across multiple channels and devices. In the online marketplace, the connected customer provides the straightest path to success, paying dividends across the entire customer lifecycle.

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015

In our always-on, always-connected digital age, it’s amazing what a few extra off-hours in the beautiful summer months can mean. LivePerson decided to give employees some bonus free time this summer in addition to our regularly scheduled vacations.

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

Purchasing is personal. Consumers won’t tolerate being treated like a number or a transaction. Luckily for brands, the latest customer-experience technologies (predictive intelligent targeting, cross-channel engagements, etc.) have opened the door to more meaningful relationships between brand and consumer.

It’s a new age for customer care.

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015

“Communicating via mobile messaging = a beautiful thing.”

We agree, Mary Meeker.

In case you missed it, the noted venture capitalist and former analyst informed us that mobile messaging apps make up six of the top 10 most used apps globally in her much-anticipated annual report on Internet trends.

Thursday, Aug 13, 2015

We’ve all been there: stuck in dull conversation with no way out.

Whether you’re making new friends at a party, networking at a trade event, or working as a customer care professional, driving interesting conversation is a must. In all aspects of life — both professional and personal — engaging dialogue leads to more meaningful, memorable connections.

Wednesday, Aug 5, 2015

Last week, Infusionsoft released the latest edition of its weekly show, Ignition, starring yours truly. Each week, show hosts Ellis Friedman (@ellisredpen) and Ramon Ray (@ramonray) come back to the set of Ignition to answer one crowd-sourced question — always with a spotlight on small business.

Thursday, Jul 23, 2015

I could never define my company in just one word. There are so many descriptors that come to mind — connected, innovative, tech-savvy, fun...

So much time, effort and grit has gone into creating and maintaining our culture, vision, and processes. So, what’s behind the glass doors at LivePerson? Big-name publications like Forbes, Fortune, and Inc. have some answers in our latest headline roundup.

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