Ease customers into AI with intuitive, no-nonsense automation.

man walking up stairs through a glowing doorway, illustrating how well-designed artificial intelligence and conversational AI trends can guide customer interactions

Which of the following experiences does your company prioritize for customer service?

84% of business leaders say they are currently using AI to engage with customers — and we're at a tipping point: just over half say they're now prioritizing messaging with AI over channels like phone, email, and ticketing systems.

Business leaders feel confident about using AI to engage with customers — 88% say if their customers could communicate with an automated system to get issues resolved quicker, it would increase their brand loyalty. But to close the AI gap, they have to make their automated processes as intuitive as possible. This starts by automating the most common intents: the things customers come back for over and over again.

With messaging and automation, you can safely talk to your clients in their channel of choice and in the language of their heart. That's how you gain true client intimacy.

Carlos Moodley • Head of Group Conversational Banking • Capitec

Scaling automation: Look to your top intents

Based on our analysis of conversations between brands and millions of consumers taking place on LivePerson's platform, here are the top intents customers are trying to resolve every day across industries.

  • Transaction queries
  • Open account
  • Payment plan
  • Report fraud
  • Replacement card
  • Billing questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Activate device
  • Switch providers
  • Schedule appointment
  • Order status
  • Locations
  • Promos
  • Cancellation
  • Product information
  • Change flight/reservation
  • Change name
  • Upgrade seat
  • Refund request
  • Baggage missing
  • Vehicle availability
  • Pricing
  • Leasing
  • Seating options
  • Purchase process

Build conversational AI experiences consumers want

Consumers say they'd be more likely to purchase from a company whose AI…


Is supervised and managed by human agents that they can transfer to as needed.


Is built on the same standards that the business uses to ensure quality across all of its other activities.


limits bias to create more equal experiences for everyone.


can emotionally connect

Finding the right partner to co-create AI-powered conversations

Most businesses do not have the AI or customer engagement expertise to build full conversational programs in-house. When it comes to choosing AI partners, business leaders say they are more likely to work with an AI partner that can:

  • 87%

    implement and manage their entire conversational AI program, end-to-end.

  • 79%

    hire, train, and manage the agents and AI talent that run customer-facing conversations for the brand.

  • 74%

    provide AI strategy and implementation expertise.

  • 76%

    limit bias to create more equal experiences for everyone.

  • 76%

    predict what kinds of products and services customers want.

Create automation with consumers in mind.

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