Customers want solutions now. AI can help agents deliver.

illustration of customer service departments able to improve efficiency with conversational artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and other conversational AI tools like AI chatbots

If a business put you on hold, how long would it take before you hung up the phone?


On hold. That's when half your customers have already considered going to a competitor.

Getting accurate information to consumers pronto needs to be a top priority for businesses:


of consumers say they are more critical of how businesses interact with them than they were just a year ago.

2 in 3

consumers say long hold times matter more to them this year than they did a year ago.


of consumers say they won't wait on hold past 15 minutes.


of consumers say they won't wait on hold under any circumstances.

Brands turn to AI-powered assistants to meet demand

To meet demands for timely service, brands are using both customer-facing AI-powered assistants (to help customers self-serve) and agent-facing AI tools (to get their people the information, context, and even suggested language to help customers faster).

What problems do you think AI-powered assistants can help solve for you as a company?

The AI Gap

Will generative AI improve interactions with customers?


Business leaders agree


Consumers agree

Customer service is one of the biggest contributors to increased customer loyalty — and the key to getting customer service right is empowering agents to resolve customer issues. By integrating LLMs into the agent ecosystem, organizations stand to benefit from improved agent productivity and improved customer outcomes.

Generative AI: What It Means For Customer Service • Forrester Research Inc. • July 2023

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