The AI inflection point is here. Businesses are all in. But are they listening to customers?

man walking over the AI gap, illustrating use of a conversational AI platform to meet key conversational AI trends and improve customer interactions


of consumers feel positive about using AI to engage with a business.


of business leaders feel positive about using AI to engage with customers.

The AI hype is fading. Last year, 62% of consumers felt positive about engaging with AI. This setback in consumer sentiment contrasts with business leaders' excitement as businesses of all kinds continue to double down on AI and automation.

AI and conversational intelligence can enable a step-change for businesses to better serve and understand their customers. Everything from personalized recommendations to tailored digital experiences is fair game. When done right, the technology can deliver a personalized and authentic experience that will delight and win over customers.

Dhrumil Patel • Manager, Operations Insights & Analytics • Chipotle

No, really… How do consumers feel about AI?

Are you more or less comfortable engaging with a company through AI this year compared to last year?

Ages 18-24 Ages 65+ 49 % More comfortable 51 % Less comfortable

AI-empowered conversational intelligence tools help businesses mine their conversation data — the actual words and intents customers are sharing across communication channels — for actionable insights. Once businesses understand what customers are asking them they can use these insights to set the flywheel in motion.

Beyond customer service interactions, conversation insights can influence decision-making across the business, from product and marketing to finance and legal, helping businesses identify opportunities and solve problems at the source.

Businesses overestimate consumer sentiment toward using AI to get what they want

How well do brands know consumers?

What business leaders think consumers want What consumers actually want 36 % 51 % 57 % 59 % 70 % 44 % 45 % 54 % 50 % 48 % 33 % 59 % 51 % 41 % 44 % 18 % 34 % 41 % 39 % 49 % 26 % 25 % 29 % 35 % 26 % 18 % 40 % 27 % 22 % 24 %

This enthusiasm gap persists when asked directly how "excited" they are for AI to make an impact on customer service experiences: 93% of business leaders say yes, compared to only 53% of consumers.

Current skepticism aside, consumers agree with brands that the future of AI is bright

When do you think AI will improve how customers engage with businesses?

Many consumers simply don't have a good understanding of AI yet, which may contribute to their mixed feelings: Forrester predicts that over the course of 2024 "60% of skeptics will use (and love) generative AI — knowing it or not."

The AI Gap

Who's learning how to work with AI better to do their job?


Business leaders



What do consumers think about interacting with your company's AI?

The good

  • AI can respond to me quickly
  • AI is convenient to use
  • AI is easy to use

The bad

  • AI is safe to use
  • AI provides accurate/relevant information
  • AI makes the experience feel engaging

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