Key Takeaways

person talking, illustrating the importance of the human language and conversations in creating customer relationships

It's not about the AI. It's about the conversation.

73% of consumers say they are more critical of how businesses interact with them compared to a year ago. No matter how well-invested your company is in AI, if you're not facilitating meaningful conversations and learning from them — the AI doesn't matter. This is especially important for brands that are still early on in their contact center transformation journey. Understanding your customer needs, shifting conversations to more digital channels, and improving the overall customer experience should be the priority of every organization — regardless of AI maturity.

caution symbol, illustrating how customers' caution can guide the future of conversational AI trends

Your customer's caution is your organization's opportunity.

Only 1 in 2 consumers feel positive about using AI to engage with a business — this hesitation from consumers presents brands with opportunity. Opportunity to get ahead of consumer AI expectations. Opportunity to fine-tune AI and automation tools. Opportunity to set the standard for AI-powered customer engagement.

With every new technology comes a learning curve. Similar to the digital transformation of online shopping, appointment scheduling, or even navigating a website — working with AI and automation to get what we need will eventually become standard practice. Brands should use this time to get ahead of the curve and support their customers as they learn how to best use AI in their daily lives.

two hands shaking, symbolizing the need for trust when building conversational AI solutions to meet conversational AI trends

Bridge the gap by building trust

The only way to bridge the AI gap is to build trust with your customers. Building no-nonsense AI that provides fast, accurate, and reliable solutions for your customers' biggest pain points is the key to easing customers into AI. Our survey found that consumers are looking for AI that is monitored by humans, is built on the same standards the business uses to ensure quality for all activities, limits bias, and can take directions.

We’re at a pivotal moment where brands need to start bridging the gap between today's costly, call-driven contact center and the digital-first, AI-empowered contact center of the future. A future with conversations at the center of your business, and people — your agents and your customers — at the center of those conversations.

Nirali Amin • SVP, Global Solutions and Success • LivePerson

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Download the full report for more insight into the State of Customer Conversations:

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In November 2023, LivePerson commissioned a PureSpectrum online survey of 1,505 consumers ages 18 and up, as well as 504 executives at companies with more than 500 employees.

The consumer audience was based across the US, UK, and Australia.

The executive audience was composed of US business leaders who recommend, purchase, implement, or sign off on customer service and marketing technologies. Approximately 50% of this audience was at the C-suite level (including CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CMOs), with the remainder including vice president, director, and manager-level roles.

The goal of this research was to understand the attitudes of consumers toward customer engagement, digital experiences, chatbots, and AI, as well as the attitudes and plans of customer experience leaders across the enterprise. The results are summarized in this report.