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Conversational AI in telecom & cable

Turn troubleshooting into trust building

Supercharge your telecom company with conversational AI. Reduce resolution times, improve customer satisfaction, and unlock new revenue streams — in the channels your customers prefer.

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Trusted by thousands of telecommunications industry leaders

Conversations that drive results

Telecom companies using conversational AI solutions have seen:


decrease in cost of care


increase in converted sales


increase in customer satisfaction


telecom chatbot containment

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Use cases for conversational AI in telecom & Cable

It’s not about the AI, it’s about
keeping customers connected

Examples of a conversational bot using Conversational AI in telecom industry for bill pay

Account management

Simplify account changes, billing inquiries, and other routine tasks with intelligent telecom chatbots across digital channels, freeing up your agents for more complex issues.

Using our Conversational AI platform enables telecom companies to quickly answer questions like if phones can be used while traveling

Troubleshooting + support

Don’t let connectivity issues cause disruptions. Offer real-time solutions for network glitches and coverage gaps without overwhelming your human agents.

Proactive messaging across digital technologies can increase conversions when promoting bundling and other offers

Services + promos

Stay connected and automate the delivery of upgrade options and special offers with conversational engagements, making it effortless for customers to seize opportunities.

AI chatbot guiding new customers through a self-service onboarding flow.

Customer onboarding

Streamline a new, more positive customer experience from activation to service selection, all through automated conversations with a telecom chatbot.

More use cases for conversational ai in Telecom & Cable

The conversation is just the beginning

Example of messaging with an AI chatbot for customer support

Device support

Be there for customers around the clock, assisting with device setups, troubleshooting, and software updates with efficient automation.

Ai-powered virtual agent setting customer expectations about upgrading the data plan to cover overages

Data plans

Automate the process of selecting and changing data plans, making it a breeze for customers to manage their usage.

telecom chatbot helping customer pay bills, completing transactions in the messaging conversation

Billing + payments

Add ease to the payment process with automated billing reminders and quick payment information and options.

Automated survey about the customer experience sent via messaging

Customer retention

Automatically send personalized offers, account benefits, and surveys to keep customers engaged and loyal.

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Telecom solutions that put customers first

Our conversational AI platform uses machine learning and natural language understanding to understand customer queries

Conversational intelligence + Agent tools

Empower your team

Equip your agents with the conversational intelligence tools and actionable insights they need to offer personalized solutions, resolve issues faster, and create happier customers.

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intelligent virtual assistants in the telecom sector improve customer experience by alerting them when exceeding data limit

All the channels

Shift to digital

Redirect customer conversations to the messaging apps they already use in their daily lives. Discover untapped revenue streams by meeting customers where they are.

See the channels
virtual agent answers question about wifi outage via messaging, with integrations that confirm the customer's location

platform + integrations

Embrace automation

Use AI chatbots and AI-powered tools to automate frequent telecom interactions like account inquiries, data usage checks, and troubleshooting steps.

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