Conversational commerce for telco & cable

Sell plans and devices, answer questions and provide support to consumers directly in messaging channels they already use every day. AI-powered bots make it easy to scale.

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Top five ways telco companies use conversational commerce


Providing pricing info and selling subscriptions


Helping consumers understand plan details


Providing info about nearest locations


Adding a new line of service


Addressing network coverage or roaming issues

Top five ways telcos use conversational commerce

The results have been incredible

3x Increase in conversions

Increase in conversions

50% Decrease in customer care costs

Decrease in customer care costs

95% Peak in customer satisfaction

Peak in customer satisfaction

Bots for telco companies

Bots can provide information on plans and pricing, help consumers add a new line of service or purchase a device, and answer general FAQs. This enables agents to manage high-value and more complex requests.

Bots for Telcos

Bots handle a greater volume of conversations at a tenth of the cost

Bots handle greater volume
Bots capacity

"We were one of the first companies to launch asynchronous messaging in 2016, and we’ve continued to build out this capability across a variety of digital channels. Our customers love the convenience of messaging us like they do with their friends – it’s the primary way most of us communicate every single day."

Nick Drake | T-Mobile
EVP of Marketing & Digital Experience

LivePerson’s LiveEngage platform enables T-Mobile customers to connect with their Team of Experts through messaging.

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