Conversational commerce for retail & e-commerce

Sell products, answer questions and provide support to consumers directly in the messaging channels they already use every day. AI-powered bots make it easy to scale.

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Top five ways retail companies use conversational commerce


Increasing sales and qualified leads


Reducing cart abandonment rates




Sending promotional offers


Supplying tracking & shipment info

Top five ways retailers use conversational commerce

The results have been incredible

3x Increase in conversions

Increase in conversions

50% Decrease in customer care costs

Decrease in customer care costs

95% Peak in customer satisfaction

Peak in customer satisfaction

Bots for retail companies

Bots can help retrieve pricing information, product specifications & availability, highlight promotional offers, and provide shipping & installation information, among many other use cases. This enables agents to manage high-value and more complex requests.

Bots for Retailers

Bots handle a greater volume of conversations at a tenth of the cost

Bots handle greater volume
Bots capacity

"We’re hearing from our customers that this is an experience that they’re not finding anywhere else in e‑commerce... We’re seeing more loyalty, higher lifetime value and just a deeper relationship with our customers."

Jill Layfield | Backcountry
Former CEO

By using conversational commerce to engage with consumers, Backcountry has seen incredible results:

Increase in AOV

Increase in AOV

Minimum customer satisfaction

Minimum customer satisfaction