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LivePerson Generative AI toolsGenerative AI: The right time. The right place. The right results.

Orchestrate your CX between AI and human agents, large language models, and chatbots, all within a single conversation, to drive better business outcomes with LivePerson’s safe, secure, Generative AI system.

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Conversational Flywheel illustration to help with digital transformation, showing the use of generative AI tools across the customer journey

See the true potential of Generative AI across the conversational journey

Incorporate Generative AI at every step of your conversational journey, ensuring continuous improvement and operational efficiency within your contact center.

These solutions are infused across the entire Conversational Flywheel™, with capabilities encompassing understanding for deep conversation insights, connecting seamlessly into your systems and LLMs, assisting to boost agent productivity, and automating to streamline customer interactions and reduce operational costs.

Boost productivity and reduce costs with LivePerson’s Generative AI tools

generative artificial intelligence using natural language processing tasks to summarize complex data based on a typed question


Generative Insights

Use natural language to ask questions about your conversation data. Ask open-ended questions that would otherwise require many hours of manual data analysis to get answers within seconds.

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generative artificial intelligence using natural language processing tasks to summarize unlabeled data based on a typed question


Generative AI reporting

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact LivePerson’s generative models have on your business operations. Our reporting tools allow for instant and effective monitoring and optimization of Generative AI performance, enhancing both agent and bot interactions.

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illustration of how LivePerson supports many generative AI models within their platform for various business processes


Bring your own LLM

Bring your own large language models (LLMs) into our Conversational Cloud® to work alongside our Generative AI tools for enhanced control, compliance, performance, and cost management, including those from OpenAI, Google, Meta, Cohere, and Anthropic.

KnowledgeAI dashboard housing training data and content for generative ai systems and machine learning models



Connect and ingest your content across your CRM, CMS, and documents to transform them into effective Generative AI-powered conversations that power our agent and consumer-facing Generative AI capabilities.

conversation example using generative ai work to generate content, with human intelligence to confirm its accuracy before using



Boost agent productivity and customer satisfaction by involving human oversight to review, edit, and approve responses before they reach your customers. Copilot summarizes, recommends, and helps rewrite responses for optimal communication.

AI chatbot powered by deep generative models helps traveler switch to later flight


AI agents

Build and launch AI agents using LLMs across messaging and voice to address common contact center issues such as routing, gathering information, and answering frequently asked questions. These AI agents come with extensive customization options, allowing you to choose between supervised modes with human oversight or fully autonomous agents that engage directly with customers.

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illustration of LivePerson's intelligent routing, including handoffs to LivePerson's generative AI models, human agents, or third-party bots.


Conversation Orchestrator

Optimize each customer interaction by dynamically choosing the best support, using real-time data. Seamlessly switch between AI and human agents—including Generative AI, NLU bots, and third-party bots—to provide timely assistance and enhance the customer experience.

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endpoints of foundation models using LivePerson's large language models as a basis


LivePerson Generative AI models

Leverage LivePerson’s proprietary models, fueled by our exclusive dataset, to reduce hallucinations by ensuring that responses generated are precise and align with your business’s core data.

generative ai model recognizing a potential compliance issue with answering a stock question


AI safety tools

Secure your brand’s reputation with AI Safety Tools. These tools include testing, auditing, and tuning capabilities, along with the right controls to reduce bias, ensure adherence to regulations, and reduce reputational risk.

It’s not about the AI, it’s about the ROI

A top 5 European telco boosted agent productivity with Copilot

• 7-minute decrease in conversation duration

• 5-point increase in NPS

• Expedited ramp time for new agents

A large retailer boosted agent productivity with Copilot

• 83% usage rate by agents

• 60% savings on overall customer support budget

A large B2B SaaS company transformed customer support with KnowledgeAI™ agent

• 30% increase in deflection rate

• 50% faster deployment time

• 70-point increase in NPS over previous bot

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