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We build packaging and pricing around your needs, not ours. For every dollar you spend with us, you’ll see many more in return.


First things first: let us help you determine the right messaging channels

With messaging as the preferred method of communication in our personal lives, businesses need to catch up in order to stay connected to their consumers. LiveEngage makes it easy for you to sell products and answer questions in the messaging channels your consumers already use every day.

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Next, we’ll figure out which of your conversations can be automated using AI-powered bots

Our team of AI and machine learning experts has analyzed 20+ years of conversation transcript data giving us a unique perspective on the use cases that are best suited for bots. We’ll work together to determine your automation roadmap, pulling from our library of pre-built bots or recommending custom bots based on your unique use cases. Depending on your industry, bots can automate up to 70% of conversations at a tenth of the cost of an agent.

AI-powered bots

Lastly, we’ll discuss the advanced management functionality you’ll need to be successful

Harness the power of the AI management console and turn contact center agents into bot managers, enabling them to cover more than 10x the ground of a single human agent. Bot managers have an entire toolkit at their disposal including real-time sentiment analysis used to determine when consumers are having a poor experience so they can intervene immediately — while bots observe to learn and improve performance over time.

AI management console AI management console