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Boost agent efficiency with a messaging-first workspace
Increase self-service with intelligent automation
Enhance personalization with advanced analytics and Generative AI

Include multi-channel agent workspace, cobrowse, secure forms to optimize agent productivity and customer experience.

Include management console, campaign builder, and allow admins to create and manage users and skills.

Include web, app, SMS, Email Connect, Whatsapp, Apple Messaging for Business, Messenger, Instagram, Google RCS Messaging, Google Business Messaging, Kakao Talk, Line, Viber, WeChat.

X (former Twitter) is supported with additional fees.

LivePerson Connect to Messaging (C2M) is an IVR deflection solution that lets brands move voice calls to messages through the Conversational Cloud platform.

Explore, configure, and enable integrations in a self-serve manner. Includes workflows (powered by Workato), integrations for 3rd party APIs (including Medallia), and a widget marketplace for added functionality into the agent workspace.

Integrate with 3rd party technologies, including any NLU provider, as well as integrate conversational data with enterprise systems for insights and decision-making across the enterprise and configure and manipulate Conversational Cloud features and capabilities.

Embedded agent workspace within the most common CRM systems (Salesforce).

Enable brands to develop custom behaviors to better tailor the system to their specific needs. By offering these capabilities, developers can write a simple function, deploy it to LivePerson's infrastructure and make it available to their LivePerson account in minutes.

Create, manage, test, and activate intent domain models using LivePerson NLU. Includes pre-built domain and starter pack access for top verticals and use cases.

Build bots that connect to all consumer messaging channels and everyday systems with an easy-to-use bot builder that allows non-technical staff to create, optimize and visualize bots. Includes post-conversation survey bots, voice enabled bots, and templates for common use cases.

Unify and leverage curated content to provide fast answers (for bot and human agents) to common questions and issues. Includes access to knowledge created within the Conversational Cloud as well as API access to external CMS.

Conversation Assist offers recommended bots and answers to your agents inline in their conversations with consumers, and on-demand within a dedicated widget.

Create highly personalized conversational experiences for consumers with Dynamic Routing, Conversation Context Service, and the Next Actions API.

Simplify identification, flagging, and correction of automation issues for agents and QA teams. Includes agent annotations, false responses, and Intent Manager Optimize tab access for annotation management.

Connectors for common 3rd party bot platforms (IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow, Amazon Lex, Microsoft bots) and access to LivePerson Functions to build custom integrations with other 3rd party bot providers.

Connect brands with Conversational Cloud report exports from the suite of Conversational Cloud Data APIs, enabling users to benefit from the power and agility of the Conversational Cloud open platform without the need to develop on top of our API based sources. Maximum 15 tasks for the file transfer subscriptions per site ID.

Consolidate metrics for sentiments, intents, operations, bots, generative AI, and voice analytics in one dashboard.

Analytics Studio analyzes data from various speech and text conversations, such as a phone (VoIP telephony), SMS texting, email, web chat, social media, video conferencing. Analytics Studio can be used to discover intents and uncover customer insights.

Additional terms regarding LivePerson Analytics Studio can be found here.

Enable Customer to proactively send messages on WhatsApp, SMS and InApp. SMS gateway and phone number costs are not included. Customer may use its own gateway or purchase use of LivePerson’s provided gateway separately.

Messaging channels are charged at the following rates, plus a handling fee of 15%.

  • SMS outbound - list price rate of the SMS Provider
  • WhatsApp rate card can be found here.

Maximum 1,000 training phrases per intent

Provide focused summaries across bot and agent conversations for quicker context to reduce consumer repetition, and for faster agent wrap-up times.

Generative AI-powered Conversation Assist.

Copilot Rewrite, part of Conversation Copilot, enhances agent communication in the workspace. It interprets and refines messages for clarity and professionalism within the agent workspace, setting the bar for high customer and agent experiences.

Utilize existing knowledge bases, CRMs, and CMSs to inform AI interactions for increased self-service.

Accurately route consumers to the best-suited agent or bot based on their intent, without needing to build manual routing rules, for reduced mis-routes and faster deployment.

Transform and unify existing (or new) KB, CRM, and CMS content into accurate, engaging conversations for full automation or faster agent handle times. Hallucination Detection ensures that responses are reliable and consistent with your business data.

Allow for customization of prompts for more tailored & controlled AI conversations.

Integrate existing LLM models to be used in agent and consumer-facing capabilities for enhanced control, compliance, and cost.

Conversational interface to query data using plain language and open-ended questions for accelerated data-driven decision making.


Pooled CSM
Designated CSM

1. Analytics Studio: Please reach out to your sales representatives to see the entitlements

2. Proactive Messaging: Please reach out to your sales representatives to see the entitlements

3. Generative AI: Please reach out to your sales representatives to see the entitlements for Generative AI tokens

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