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Conversational Cloud

Automate messages and calls, optimize consumer insights, increase agent productivity with Liveperson AI.

Conversational Cloud & Generative AI

Accelerate automation, increase conversion rate, and boost agent productivity with Generative AI.

Conversational Cloud Packages

Conversational Cloud
Conversational Cloud & Generative AI

LLM-powered bots that harness Knowledge AI to leverage knowledge base content, internal documents, and more, creating voice bots and chatbots that generate human-like responses with relevant information to automate phone calls.

LLM-powered bots harness Knowledge AI to access knowledge base content, internal documents, and more, to craft voice and chatbots that produce human-like responses containing pertinent information.

Offers instant contextual recommended answers to agents using existing knowledge base, website content, and more, increasing productivity by quickly providing relevant information from brand-invested content sources.

Generates a concise summary of previous customer conversations handled by a bot or human agent before transfer, outlining the customer's questions, concerns, key issues, and attempted resolutions by the bot or previous agent.

Accelerates NLU model development by using LLMs to automatically generate training phrases, producing various potential customer inquiry phrases.

Automates, deflects, and contains calls within Voice Bot.

Create, manage,test, and activate intent domain models using LivePerson NLU, with pre-built domain and starter pack access for top verticals and use cases.

Build bots that connect to consumer messaging channels and everyday systems with an easy-to-use bot builder for non-technical staff. Includes post-conversation survey bots, voice-enabled bots, and common use case templates.

Craft highly personalized conversational experiences for consumers using Dynamic Routing, Conversation Context Service, and the Next Actions API.

Simplify identification, flagging, and correction of automation issues for agents and QA teams. Includes agent annotations, false responses, and Intent Manager Optimize tab access for annotation management.

Handles multiple conversation channels asynchronously at scale, streamlining agent operations and enhancing agent focus and efficiency. Includes conversation history, out-of-the-box and custom agent widgets, and predefined content.

Centralized hub for data and agent information needed to manage a shift, offering insight into tracked metrics' causes and enabling private messaging to agents in live conversations.

Web Messaging Voice and Video Connections service enables voice and video capabilities within Web Messaging conversations.

Explore, configure, and enable platform capabilities in a self-serve manner.

Add users, control permissions, establish agent groups, and create and assign skills for routing. Includes ability to control Dynamic Capacity settings for agent load balancing.

Customizable messaging button library, or engagements, determining button display location, audience, and behavior. Includes Engagement Controller for controlling incoming Web Messaging conversation flow according to skill-defined thresholds.

Engagement Credits incurred when Brands communicate with end users on Facebook Messenger or reply to public messages (e.g., post comments).

Currently available for direct messages only.

SMS gateway and phone number costs not included. Customers may use their own gateway or purchase LivePerson's gateway separately. LivePerson's SMS gateway use is invoiced monthly in arrears at the SMS Provider's list price rate and a 15% handling fee.

Engagement Credits incurred for conversations on direct messages and when brands reply to tweets.

Additional costs may apply for WhatsApp messaging. LivePerson invoices customers monthly in arrears according to the WhatsApp rate card, with a 15% handling fee.

Enables proactive messaging on WhatsApp, SMS, and InApp. SMS gateway and phone number costs not included. Customers may use their own gateway or purchase LivePerson's gateway separately. Outbound message charges apply if the end user doesn't reply within up to 30 days. Messaging channels are charged at specific rates, plus a 15% handling fee.

Provides business insights for data-driven decision-making, optimizing contact center operations, and tracking and increasing revenues.

Offers real-time data on bot activity to gauge effectiveness.

An automatic, unbiased method for measuring the relationship between consumers and brands.

A proprietary metric evaluating bot conversation quality, understanding consumer sentiment and bot effectiveness to create self-learning and AI training feedback loops.

A live management analytics dashboard measuring the health of brand conversational operations.

Create custom reports offering vital business insights for data-driven decision-making, optimizing contact center operations, and tracking and increasing revenues.

A text analytics tool focusing on transcripts and a subset of metric data.

Connects brands to Conversational Cloud report exports via Conversational Cloud Data APIs, allowing users to benefit from the open platform without developing API-based sources.

Recommends bots and answers to human agents within their conversations with consumers.

Explore, configure, and enable integrations in a self-serve manner. Includes workflows (powered by Workato), third-party API integrations (including Medallia), and a widget marketplace for added functionality in the agent workspace.

Enables brands to develop custom behaviors, tailoring the system to specific needs. Developers can write simple functions, deploy them to LivePerson's infrastructure, and make them available to their LivePerson account within minutes.

Connectors for common third-party bot platforms (IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow, Amazon Lex, Microsoft bots) and access to LivePerson Functions for custom integrations with other third-party bot providers.

Integrate with third-party technologies, including any NLU provider, integrate conversational data with enterprise systems for insights and decision-making across the enterprise, and configure and manipulate Conversational Cloud features and capabilities.

Embedded agent workspace within common CRM systems (Salesforce).

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