Conversational commerce for travel & hospitality

Sell tickets and help travelers make reservations directly in messaging channels they already use every day. AI-powered bots make it easy to scale.

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Top five ways travel companies use conversational commerce


Booking transportation, hotel rooms, and tours


Cross-selling different travel services


Upselling travel insurance


Providing concierge services


Answering FAQs

Top five ways travel companies use conversational commerce

The results have been incredible

3x Increase in conversions

Increase in conversions

50% Decrease in customer care costs

Decrease in customer care costs

95% Peak in customer satisfaction

Peak in customer satisfaction

Bots for travel companies

Bots can browse flights, hotel rooms & car rentals, retrieve pricing information, provide discount codes, and answer FAQs. This enables agents to manage high-value and more complex requests.

Bots for Travel Companies

Bots handle a greater volume of conversations at a tenth of the cost

Bots handle greater volume
Bots capacity

"LivePerson has become a core feature of our customer service program, particularly in crisis situations, allowing us to reach a large number of customers with personalized support."

John Giddings | Virgin Atlantic
GM of Contact Centers & Customer Relations

By using conversational commerce to engage with consumers, Virgin Atlantic has seen incredible results:

Increase in conversion rates

Increase in conversion rates

Minimum customer satisfaction

Minimum customer satisfaction