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Conversational Flywheel™Your blueprint for digital transformation

Bridging the gap from calls to conversations is an essential part of any digital transformation strategy, and the Conversational Flywheel is here to guide you. The flywheel is composed of four essential phases to accelerate your transformation to a digital-first customer experience: Understand, Connect, Assist, and Automate.

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Accelerating digital transformation initiatives
through the Conversational Flywheel

Conversational Flywheel "Understand" starting point, where brands use data analytics to guide their digital transformation strategy


Turn your conversation data into actionable insights

Understand what your customers really want. With Conversation Intelligence at your fingertips, you can turn all of your customer conversations (phone, email, or messaging) into operational insights. Identify trends in your conversation data to inform decision-making around automation, operational improvements, and the overall customer experience.

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Conversational Flywheel "Connect" stage, where brands focus digital transformation efforts on meeting customer demands across digital technologies and channels


Integrate consumer channels and enterprise systems

Consumers want to interact via digital channels like social media, SMS, and business messaging apps like Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp. Think beyond legacy technology: Take conversations out of inefficient and expensive call centers and IVR systems and start building more personalized connections by integrating your own LLM, bots, channels, and other systems that help you create connected customer experiences.

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Conversational Flywheel "Assist" stage, where a brand's successful digital transformation provides agents artificial intelligence and digital technology tools to make business processes more efficient


Improve efficiency by empowering agents with artificial intelligence

Harness the power of generative AI while keeping humans in control of the conversation. Give your agents a competitive advantage with an omnichannel workspace to improve efficiency, increase accuracy, and better support your customers. With AI-powered conversation summaries and suggestions, response times decrease and satisfaction soars.

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Conversational Flywheel "Automate" stage, where digital transformation strategies involve automating various business processes


Scale customer support with personalized self-service

Turn your most common customer intents into automated experiences. Scale your conversations and reduce costs — while driving conversation data back to the first stage of the flywheel to fuel further digital transformation efforts. Whether you’re building LLM-powered AI agents or connecting third-party chatbots, AI safety tools protect your brand’s reputation by mitigating bias, ensuring compliance, and delivering consistent on-brand conversations.

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Your toolset for driving successful digital transformation and continuous CX improvement

Conversational Intelligence

Improve the customer experience with better understanding.

Voice to Digital

Digitize voice interactions for more omnichannel, efficient service.

Generative AI

Embrace the future to better assist agents and customers alike.

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