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Understand your customersAccelerate contact center transformation with Conversational Intelligence

Everyone tells you to invest in AI, but without proper intelligence, AI is just artificial. Harness your conversational data to drive customer insights, cost savings, and growth.

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conversational AI flywheel graph depicting how conversation intelligence software has a significant impact in specific moments, helping brands understand what customers want, which can lead to connecting the right way, assisting agent performance, and automating

Understand your customers, accelerate your conversational journey

Built on one of the world’s most extensive customer datasets, our Conversational Intelligence suite turns your customers’ words into actionable data — and dollar signs for your business. 

These analytics power the entire Conversational Flywheel™, from understanding your customer intents, to connecting to the right channels and systems, to assisting your team with the right tools and insights, to truly intelligent automation that drives continuous improvement.

LivePerson’s Conversational Intelligence suite

Invest in AI confidently with LivePerson’s conversational intelligence software, improving the customer experience with better understanding.

generative insights panel from our conversation intelligence platform, making it easy for sales managers, sales leaders, and others to access data


Generative Insights

Generative Insights delivers conversational insights via an LLM-powered, conversational experience — putting the latest generative AI technology to work for your team.

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report center dashboards from conversation intelligence platforms that measure the team's performance with customer conversations


Report Center

Report Center offers out-of-the-box reporting capabilities that help brands measure beyond chat transcripts, showing how their conversational AI and human-powered conversations are performing across channels.

breakdown of alerts as an example of data-driven decisions that can come from using our intelligence to analyze sales calls and other customer interactions


Analytics Studio

Analytics Studio converts the content of your phone calls and messaging customer conversations into actionable data, allowing you to have a deeper understanding of customer behaviors, preferences, and signals across channels.

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