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Conversational AI for AutomotiveDrive sales and loyalty with AI-powered automotive customer engagement tools

No car was ever sold or serviced without a conversation — and today’s car shoppers and owners prefer messaging over all other forms of communication. Explore how LivePerson’s powerful customer engagement solutions give OEMs and large retailer groups what they need to deliver personalized experiences, increase customer loyalty, and win across the automotive customer journey.

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Customer and car concierge having a conversation with automotive customer engagement tools

Automotive Use Cases

Reduce operating costs while increasing conversions and enhancing customer loyalty

Car shoppers and owners have a lot of questions — and to finalize a sale or enhance customer loyalty, your BDC or contact center needs to be available to answer all of them, quickly and conveniently. Exceed customer expectations with quick, fingertip access to your team throughout the sales process and customer lifecycle, made scalable with messaging and Conversational AI chatbots.

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Transforming the automotive industry with Conversational AI


Support customers through the car buying process

88% of car shoppers do more than half of their car research and shopping online, and 74% would be more likely to fill out online digital retailing forms if they had more assistance. Messaging helps brands guide those shoppers through the buying process more efficiently, through AI chatbots that can answer research questions 24/7 or accept down payments on electric vehicles.


Keep in touch to increase automotive brand loyalty

Customer journeys shouldn’t end at the sale and aren’t restricted to service appointments at a retailer. Identify additional customer touchpoints to help owners build stronger automotive brand relationships when they have questions, such as in-app messaging or QR codes in owner’s manuals to initiate conversations about features.


Build a truly connected vehicle experience

AI-powered customer engagement makes your digital experience pay off in terms of brand loyalty and revenue. Proactive Messaging for lease renewals and other subscription service reminders can increase conversions and keep owners engaged in new releases or special offers. Plus, connected cars could send in-car service vehicle notifications and prompt appointment scheduling with a retailer.

Whatever your automotive business, we’ve got you covered

Large Retailer Groups

Self-service or full service, depending on what you need

Arm your team with the automotive customer engagement tools they need to connect across the customer journey and all the digital channels. We make it easy with options to automate up to 70% of conversations with chatbots using our industry-leading AI that is built for the contact center, not the lab — we can even do it all for you with simple, outcome-based pricing.

customer scheduling a service appointment


White-glove conversational experiences are no longer a luxury, but a necessity

Automotive manufacturers spend millions creating brand preference, but sales don’t happen without a conversation. LivePerson makes it easy for leading automotive companies to capitalize with conversational marketing opportunities and the ability to answer customer inquiries quickly and concisely with AI-powered customer engagement.

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Streamline the path to purchase by going Conversational

Put AI-powered messaging into the hands of the dealerships advertising on your sites, so they can sell more vehicles on your marketplace. Frictionless communication makes it easy for shoppers to finalize decisions, so you can deliver more leads across additional customer touchpoints and amp up sales attribution.

automotive marketplace messaging options

Products that improve customer experiences, engagement — and conversions

Conversational Cloud

Conversational Cloud®

An AI platform that identifies intent to drive customer engagement

Use our customer engagement platform with a complete AI toolset and start delivering truly authentic intent-driven conversations, at scale.

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Voice to digital solutions

Modernize your customer experience with voice and digital

Seamlessly integrate and digitize voice at every stage of your conversational customer journey for a truly omnichannel experience.

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Self-learning AI chatbot understands a misspelling


Understand your conversations

Drive improved customer engagement and agent performance with the data and actionable insights critical to optimize conversations.

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