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Conversational ai ITSM ToolsImprove employee efficiency and service delivery satisfaction

Stop wasting time and money with clunky, frustrating IT processes. Conversational AI streamlines your service management with smarter, faster automated solutions that free your team to spend their time more productively.

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Messaging an AI assistant as part of a company's ITSM tools

What is Conversational AI for ITSM?

Conversational AI brings a new level of automation to IT Service Management (ITSM), creating chatbots and virtual assistants that handle routine tasks, answer frequently asked questions, and even resolve common IT service desk issues. By using large language models and integrating with IT service management software, Conversational AI optimizes IT processes and empowers organizations to achieve more.

Benefits of adding Conversational AI to your ITSM tools

Increase efficiency

Automate routine tasks, allowing your IT department to focus on more complex issues that require human expertise.

Reduce response times

Provide 24/7 support and helpdesk services, ensuring that your customers and employees can always get the assistance they need.

Save money

Cut costs by streamlining operations with Conversational AI, freeing up your resources to tackle more pressing business needs.

Uncover insights

Discover valuable insights from employee interactions to help identify areas for improvement in incident management, project management, service delivery, and more.

How LivePerson helps you reimagine IT service management

Common ITSM tools integrations between LivePerson and service management solution

Automate IT tasks with bot integrations to back-end systems

Easily connect with any IT service management tool whose back-end system has an open API, like ServiceNow®. Streamline communications by automating tasks and enabling customers with a self-service portal experience, all while integrating with the systems you already use.

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Building IT bot flow to support your service management platform (as part of ITSM tools)

Streamline IT automation with diagnostic dialogues

Simplify your IT processes with diagnostic dialogues that handle a range of interactions, from simple Q&As to complex transactions, all while providing enterprise-grade security and privacy.

Push notifications to employees about phishing as part of ITSM tools

Leverage next-level NLU for personalized IT workflows

Elevate conversations with LivePerson’s NLU and generative AI capabilities, which understand user intent and recognize entities without specialized training. Our user-friendly tools can also analyze and optimize model performance for maximum impact.

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AI analytics dashboard for your ITSM tools, helping optimize knowledge management, project management, asset management, and other needs

Optimize and refine IT processes with advanced analytics

Transform your IT processes with advanced, AI-driven analytics. Unlock deep insights and use data to optimize your automation strategy, streamline IT processes, and deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint.

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