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LivePerson Conversational Cloud® platformPut conversations at the
center of your business

Accelerate your contact center transformation, supercharge agent productivity, and deliver more personalized customer experiences with the enterprise leader in digital customer conversations.

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Digital-first since Day 1

Modern, asynchronous messaging has changed the way we communicate. 8 out of 10 consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses who embrace an omnichannel approach and connect conversations across voice and messaging channels, but 70% of customer conversations are still trapped in the call center. 

LivePerson bridges the gap between the legacy call center and the digital-first, AI-empowered customer experience of the future. Our award-winning technology and team are here to help you:

So long, IVR hell

Shift to digital

Reduce costs and meet customer needs and expectations by routing voice calls to messaging and other digital channels.

{“30%+”: “reduction in operating costs”, “10%+”: “increase in CSAT”}



reduction in operating costs


increase in CSAT

conversational ai platform's intelligence dashboard, providing insights to human agents about the intents gathered by natural language understanding, which can be automated with conversational ai tools

So long, conversation siloes

Empower your people

Give your whole team the conversational AI platform, tools, and intelligence to better serve your customers and your business, leveraging 28 years worth of conversational data.

{“50%+”: “decrease in agent attrition”, “25%+”: “increase in productivity”}



decrease in agent attrition


increase in productivity

conversational ai platform's intelligence dashboard, providing insights to human agents about the intents gathered by natural language understanding, which can be automated with conversational ai tools

So long, chatbot loops

Embrace automation

Scale your conversations and free up your human agents by automating the most common — and complex — customer intents so everyone can get what they need, quicker.

{“50%+”: “reduction in operating costs”}



reduction in operating costs

Conversational AI technology using natural language processing to understand a banking customer's need to buy a home and offer mortgage options via conversational interfaces

Trusted by thousands of the world’s biggest brands

Built for enterprise scale and security, LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud® platform has helped some of the most beloved global brands digitally transform. From banking and insurance to telecom and travel, complexity and compliance is our specialty.

Real business outcomes to beat industry benchmarks


reduction in operating costs


automation rate


customer satisfaction boost


conversion vs traditional digital


decrease in agent attrition

Accelerate your conversational journey with LP 360

We’ll build and manage your end-to-end conversation strategy — from agents to automation to guaranteed outcomes.

Bridge the AI gap with the Conversational Flywheel™

LivePerson’s enterprise solutions are built around a four-phase framework proven to accelerate contact center transformation.

Example of how our conversational AI platform uses natural language processing and machine learning to automate responses to human conversation


Analyze omnichannel conversation data to uncover the wants and needs of your customers. Identify top customer intents and uncover opportunities to continuously improve the customer journey.

Learn more about Conversational Intelligence
Illustration of voice assistants helping automate conversations that come in via voice in our conversational ai solution


Engage customers on the channel of their choice — from voice calls to web, mobile, and social messaging — and integrate your enterprise systems for a truly connected customer experience.

Explore the connection possibilities
Example of how the best conversational AI platform solves customer problems, like creating virtual assistants as style guides for online shopping


Empower your agents with a customizable workspace and the latest generative AI technology. Agent-facing AI keeps humans in control of the conversation while ensuring accuracy and boosting efficiency.

Check out agent and manager tools
machine-learning virtual assistants built on our conversational ai platform help a traveler switch flights, providing excellent customer service like a member of the customer support team


Drive self-service and faster resolutions through intelligent automation and specialized, LLM-powered AI agents.

Meet our Generative AI

Take a closer look at our digital customer conversations platform

See success stories from leaders like you

TalkTalk customer quote

“On top of our successes to date with LivePerson’s Conversational AI and platform, LLMs and generative AI hold enormous promise to help us scale seamless and personalized conversations even further.”

CarGurus customer quote

“LivePerson’s omnichannel communication capabilities drive a better customer experience, while also improving agent efficiency. This, combined with LivePerson’s analytics tools and user-friendly platform, support CarGurus’ mission in providing drivers with a personalized, convenient, and transparent experience.”

Nicole West, VP Digital Strategy & Product at Chipotle

“Everything we have done on this transformation journey has been about delivering exceptional digital experiences to our customers and our crews, to curate convenient, frictionless, engaging experiences aligned with our purpose to Cultivate a Better World.”

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