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Self-Guided demos

Unlock the power of conversational AI

Scroll to explore our library of 4 self-guided product demos, from shifting calls to messaging, using generative AI to help build bots in Conversational Cloud®, and exploring the latest conversational intelligence tools.

graphic of conversational AI flywheel, the framework the best conversational AI platforms should follow

Demo 1

Conversational Flywheel: Shifting calls to digital in 4 phases

Fuel customer relationships and shift calls to AI-powered conversations. In this demo, explore each phase of the Flywheel to see how our platform leverages AI to personalize conversations, improve engagement, and boost efficiency in a safe and compliant way:

• P1: Understand

• P2: Connect

• P3: Assist

• P4: Automate

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Bot in graduation outfit, representing how conversational intelligence uses AI and machine learning to analyze sales conversations

Demo 2

Conversational Cloud: Unlock the power of generative AI

In this demo, we’ll guide you through a 5-step journey, showing you how easy it is to launch a self-service bot with generative AI. Take the first step towards reducing costs and meeting customer needs as you learn how to:

• Train AI to understand your customers

• Upload your brand’s content

• Create a self-service bot

• Manage AI-powered conversations with agents

• Measure AI performance

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Screenshot of report center showcasing actionable insights for contact centers

Demo 3

Conversational Intelligence: Report Center

Learn how to enhance your customer engagement with LivePerson’s out-of-the-box reporting capabilities that will show you how conversational AI-powered conversations and human agents are performing across voice and messaging touchpoints.

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Screenshot of conversation insights using Generative AI, helping sales leaders, sales reps, marketing teams and more have a better understanding

demo 4

Conversational Intelligence: Generative Insights

You don’t have to be a data analyst to retrieve the best conversational insights. Explore how LivePerson’s LLM-powered conversational experience helps everyone gather the data they need from your brand’s most important assets: customer conversations.

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