Automate <text-orange>up to 62.5%<text-orange> of conversations in travel and hospitality

We analyzed millions of anonymized conversations and found that the majority can be automated with AI-powered chatbots. Download our guide to get started.

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Building a world-class AI-powered travel and hospitality chatbot

AI-powered chatbots have proven to significantly reduce customer care costs and create new digital experiences for sales and stronger customer relationships. But rolling out a viable solution can sound like a daunting task. How and where to get started are fundamental questions you have to answer to build a plan and strategy that will achieve a successful, scalable bot program.

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The top 13 conversation topics for travel and hospitality

LivePerson AI and machine-learning algorithms have determined the most prevalent conversation topics that occur between consumers and travel/hospitality brands. Our guide outlines them all.

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Your expert guide to automation and AI-powered chatbots in travel and hospitality

Of the conversations analyzed, 62.5% were found to be suitable for bots, and they are great opportunities to start capturing expense savings through automation. LivePerson recommends these use cases as a starting point to building a world-class AI-powered chatbot. Download our guide to learn how and where to get started.

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