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Conversational AI for Travel IntentsAutomate up to 62.5% of conversations in travel and hospitality

We analyzed millions of conversations and found that the majority can be automated with AI-powered chatbots. Download our guide to Conversational AI for travel brands to get started.

Conversational AI platform using natural language processing and machine learning to understand routine queries

Building a world-class AI-powered travel and hospitality chatbot

AI-powered chatbots have proven to significantly reduce customer care costs and create new digital experiences for sales. But rolling out a viable solution can sound like a daunting task. How and where to get started are fundamental questions you have to answer in order to build a plan that will achieve a scalable bot program.

Example graph of top travel intents

The top 11 conversation topics for travel and hospitality

LivePerson AI and machine-learning algorithms have determined the most prevalent conversation topics that occur between consumers and travel brands throughout the passenger journey. Our guide outlines them all.

cover of the conversational AI for travel and hospitality brands

Your expert guide to Conversational AI for travel and hospitality

Take a look at what passengers are asking, then determine what can be automated or shifted to messaging to start seeing savings. Download our guide to dig into the most common use cases and so much more.

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