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Call Reduction guide for the retail call centerIt’s time retail companies hang up on high operating costs

Improve the customer service experience while reducing call volume and saving money. Learn how with 7 call reduction strategies that work for retail call centers.

Cover of the Conversational Call Reduction guide for a retail call center
Retail call center answering service managed by a chatbot in a messaging app

Reduce calls and move to messaging for a better customer service experience

More than ever, customers want personalized shopping experiences that make them feel seen, heard, and valued. But in the highly competitive retail industry with operational costs on the rise, many retail businesses are torn between boosting satisfaction to create loyal customers or finding ways to save money.

With Conversational AI-powered retail solutions, like LivePerson’s call reduction, you don’t need to sacrifice customer relationships for cost savings.

What you get in our retail call reduction guide

7 call reduction strategies

Discover asynchronous engagement methods that use IVR deflection, Proactive Messaging, QR codes, conversational email management, Web Messaging, Google Business Messaging from mobile search results, and Apple’s Message Suggest feature.

Scalable AI tactics

Learn how bots and intent-based automations for routine service and sales support can help resolve customer issues, keeping your contact center staff focused on the most complex, high-value customer experiences.

Case study examples

See how these types of call deflection techniques helped other businesses increase sales, quicken response times, and improve customer satisfaction.

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