Want to double lead qualification? Learn how OUA did it with a gen AI agent 🤖

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webinar REplayDemystifying generative AI chatbots with Open Universities Australia

Getting started with customer-facing generative AI models doesn’t have to be a big, complicated project. We sat down with Open Universities Australia to get an inside look at their generative AI chatbots and how their team uses generative and conversational AI technology to solve lead conversion woes.

July 30, 2024 | 10:00 AM EST
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example of OUA generative AI chatbots offering to help a student via messaging

Discover how OUA increased their lead qualification rate with generative AI tools

Open Universities Australia is using generative AI to engage future students. It used to be that this initial discovery happened through web browsing, using a non-generative chatbot, or talking with a human. LivePerson’s generative AI chatbots provide an improved experience and a speedy and fun way for students to explore their study needs and goals. The generative AI chatbot has more than doubled lead qualification compared to the traditional NLU bot and more than tripled rates from browsing alone.

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From idea to action in just 3 months

Building the best generative AI chatbot

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how LivePerson was able to get OUA’s generative AI chatbots up and running in just 3 months.

Maintaining control

Learn how OUA ensured their AI assistant bot stayed on task by setting tight artificial intelligence safety guardrails to protect the brand.

Delivering results

Discover the powerful insights used to analyze conversations and measure bot performance that deliver powerful results for your business.

Meet the hosts

Rachit Monga

Head of Student Recruitment – Open Universities Australia

Ricky Stock

Channel Optimisation Specialist – Open Universities Australia

Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley

Chief Scientist and SVP of Data Science & ML – LivePerson

Andrew Kollmorgen

Partner Solutions Consultant – LivePerson

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