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Generation AI: Demystifying a new era of AI applications

Explore real-world applications of artificial intelligence, based on our new podcast

LivePerson Team

July 19, 20234 minutes

cover image of the Episode 0 podcast, covering AI applications, quality control, and how to prepare for the near future by understanding deep learning and what goes into it

AI has captured the attention and imagination of people around the world. Regardless of age, experience or industry, a major shift has happened in regards to AI transformation — it’s become real in our everyday lives.

LivePerson’s Ruth Zive, Chief Marketing Officer, and Joe Bradley, Chief Scientist, joined together as hosts to kick off the very first episode of Generation AI — a show intended to cut through the noise and deliver real information and AI applications in today’s exciting tech-powered world.

The amazing transformative power and importance of understanding real-world AI applications

It’s no secret that AI has some pretty impressive (and potentially scary) applications. But understanding it in the modern context of real-world applications will be vital for succeeding in today’s business market.

“AI is undergoing a massive transformation,” Joe says. “It’s exciting the imagination of humanity and it’s becoming real in the lives of real people.”

Shifting from a heavily sci-fi concept to widespread application, artificial intelligence has become a part of nearly everything we do, whether we recognize it or not. As technology iterates and advances, its integration into daily life will only grow. Throughout the journey of this podcast, Joe and Ruth plan to explore these applications and their implications and make the world of AI much more accessible.

“In the last six months the world has exploded in interest relative to AI,” Ruth says. “Overnight, everyone’s eyes were open to the possibilities of this technology. Now we have a very ripe opportunity to start having those conversations.”

Not too far off from fiction, many people have high hopes for AI technologies and their potential applications. Others fear they will lose their jobs or way of life. Fortunately, the outlook appears to be much closer to reality as it is today, though impressive nonetheless.

Joe likens the expectations of AI to the ‘city on the hill’ — from a distance, the city is golden and promising, set above the rest. However, as you approach the city it settles closer into reality, the truth learned through the journey and experiences along the way as a city is demystified. 

Leveraging AI in ways that will best serve your business and humanity as a whole will require a similar journey of discovery and exploration.

Practical and philosophical implications of balancing AI tools with human involvement

The risks and implications of AI can be difficult to explore, particularly considering how dynamic and evolving the technology is. According to Joe, it’s hard to overstate the possible risks of applying AI, but at the same time, really hard to understand the realistic risks.

“How do we know what’s realistic to be afraid of? And if we don’t know what’s realistic, are we going to be ready for it? Whether it’s the absolute doomsday scenario, bias in treatment, data privacy, or something else entirely, separating the truth from the hype is going to help us,” he says. 

While doomsday scenarios and concerns of AI systems learning to code themselves may be top-of-mind for many, others are more concerned about the trajectory and well-being of their own experiences and careers.

“Will I learn enough quickly enough to stay on the leading edge and be relevant in my field? This technology is going to transform so many different aspects of business,” Ruth says.

But the foundation of these concerns is also the source of excitement, according to Ruth. There are endless opportunities and possibilities on the horizon for increased efficiency, collaboration, and creativity, from the healthcare industry to the e-commerce industry, human resources, fraud detection, and so much more.

The importance of adventuring beyond your comfort zone and actively participating in AI conversations

As AI continues to be integrated across avenues affecting people from all walks of life, it’s crucial to step outside of your comfort zone and actively participate in conversations around the technology. Without a solid understanding of technology, how it can be applied, and the potential risks it comes with, it is impossible to have any agency in shaping the future.

While there are many concerns with AI solutions in regard to automation, the largest, according to Ruth and Joe, is the potential risk of removing the human experience.

From the enthralling adventure of exploring a new place surrounded by unfamiliar faces and environments to injecting yourself into a new culture to the carnal experience of enjoying a meal, the human experience is one we can’t risk losing.

By actively informing ourselves and participating in the conversation surrounding artificial intelligence applications, we can have more say in how automation and technology take hold of the world. Generation AI is here to spearhead the conversation and welcome you into the discussion.

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