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Our Values

At the heart of everything we do

From the way we connect brands to their customers to how we partner within our teams, our core values continue to guide our growth as individuals and as a global organization.

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Our core values are the heart and soul of our company

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Our Values

Dream big

We are agents of change. We solve problems creatively all while introducing, welcoming, and delivering new ideas. We start with intent, welcome diverse perspectives, and look to the data to improve outcomes.

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OUR values

Help others

We advocate for others and proactively engage to make a difference in the world. We are team players who approach every single task and conversation with a collaborative spirit.

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our values

Pursue expertise

We strive to be better — to hone our expertise. We believe that there’s always room to grow and that out of vulnerability comes the pathway to deeper understanding.

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OUR values

Own it

We are accountable. Period. We see our work through, prioritize appropriately, act resiliently, and even say “No” when we need to. As individuals, we’re empowered to take charge and become leaders at every stage.

Hear from our team members

The people that bring our values to life

Our values are our guide for driving holistic growth as individuals, teams, and as an organization.

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A history of excellence

For more than 25+ years, LivePerson has been at the forefront of technology advancements. Rooted in human emotion and powerful AI understanding, our sights are set on pushing the boundaries of digital and human conversations. This vision is built on a foundation of passionate, driven employees who embody our mission to create Curiously Human™ digital experiences. We are honored to be recognized among our peers as an industry leader.

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