Be an Owner, Help Others

In 2010, our employees came together for three days to connect on a more meaningful level, define who we are as a company and talk about what inspires us to come to work every day. It was remarkable that although we identified many important values, two core values really resonated with the entire community — Be an Owner and Help Others.

Though our start-up days are behind us, we all still feel that ownership is a powerful attribute. Entrepreneurial ambition and a spirit of determination are common to many LivePerson employees, and we strongly encourage this in each and every hire. Focusing on helping others is a reminder to ourselves that, although we are each owners of our success, we become an outstanding company only by working together and helping each other succeed.

At LivePerson, what inspires us to work together, to offer our customers extraordinary service, and to get involved in our local communities is the mission of creating lasting, meaningful connections instead of superficial interactions.  We believe that being meaningfully connected promotes a deep level of trust and appreciation and enables us to execute faster and to be outstanding. We want our products to help our customers create meaningful connections with their customers, creating a lifetime value for all parties.

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