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On-demand vIRTUAL EVENTGenerative AI: Power personalisation at scale with WhatsApp

Join Meta, NewDay, Capitec Bank, and LivePerson to learn how your brand can create truly personalised experiences that resonate with your customers and drive better business outcomes.

Original Broadcast: Thursday 25th May
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Meta + LivePerson logos with WhatsApp conversation example

Generic experiences don’t drive engagement — personalised connections do

Are you still on a journey to achieve meaningful scale with your personalisation strategy? You’re not alone. According to Forrester, only 26% of online adults believe that companies “get” them on a personal level. But what if you could change that?

Join this virtual briefing, streaming live from Meta’s head office in London. During this event, you’ll hear directly from WhatsApp and LivePerson experts who enable the world’s most innovative brands to deliver truly personalised digital experiences that resonate with their customers and drive better business outcomes. 

 Learn how you, too, can leverage WhatsApp with generative AI to unlock bespoke, one-to-one engagements at scale across the entire customer lifecycle. You’ll hear firsthand from Capitec Bank and NewDay as they share behind-the-scenes looks at their own conversational journey on WhatsApp, the customer and business outcomes so far, and what’s next on the roadmap, including generative AI.

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In this session, we will also explore:

Enterprise generative AI

The critical fuel for scaling your conversational personalisation strategy

Data & analytics

How to leverage data and analytics to feed your AI

Responsible AI

How to uphold ethical standards and build customer trust by managing and mitigating bias in AI

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